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Knowing what to wear to Thanksgiving dinner can be a hassle. But it doesn’t have to be. Here are a few cute, but comfy outfits that will make your relatives jealous and leave room for dessert. Check out the links attached to the outfit ideas for some stylish and comfortable examples.


A Sweater Dress

The sweater dress is a classic holiday look that will keep you cute and cozy throughout the winter season. Paired with some tights and cute boots, this stretchy dress will look great pre and post food coma. Sweaters are quintessential staples in any autumn and winter wardrobe and a sweater dress elevates that look for the holidays. Pairing a sweater dress with patterned tights or a statement necklace can some interest to an otherwise basic ensemble.


The Wrap Dress

This silhouette made famous by Diane von Fürstenberg is perfect for eating a big Thanksgiving meal. Wrap dresses come in a variety of patterns and fabrics, making it incredibly easy to find one that fits your style. Wrap dresses cinch at the natural waist, making them a style that looks great on everyone. The best part is, the dress is held together by a tie that can be loosened as the night of feasting goes on. I love these dresses so much that I’ll be wearing one in a cute autumnal floral pattern this year.


The Monochromatic Outfit

Having an outfit all one color or shades of the same color is super in for the fall and winter. One single color outfit that never fails is all black. Black is super slimming, chic and gives the holiday an edgy feel. On the opposite end of the spectrum, an all-white outfit is totally on-trend and beautiful for the snowy season. The key to monochromatic outfits is using different textures and fabrics to break up the color and add some interest. Some of my favorite youtubers who style to die for single color ensembles are Kelsey Simone, Siena Mirabella, and Bestdressed (Ashley). I would suggest watching some of their fashion youtube videos or just checking out their Instagram feeds: @k.els.e.y @siena_mirabella @best.dressed.


The Two Piece

Two piece outfits are trendy, cute, and take minimal outfit. Since the top and bottom are already matching, you can focus more of your energy on makeup, hair, jewelry, or even better, eating. A matching top and bottom can elevate your look and make you appear more put together. A set can seem like you put in a lot of effort to look good, when in reality it’s one of the easiest outfits to put together. Paired with some cute heels or sneakers, a two piece can be super versatile. Two piece sets come in a bunch of styles, as well. Whether you’re more of a skirt or pant person, there’s a set for you. Think Cher in Clueless but more 2019. Grabbing outfit inspo from the 90s is a fun way to play with fashion and have the teen hearts in your relatives bursting.


Dress & Sweater Combo

One of my favorite trends at the moment is the sweater over top of the dress look. Pairing a chunky cable knit sweater and silk skirt of dress is such a fun mix of textures. You can get the comfort and room of a dress while staying warm with a sweater on the top. Pairing this look with boots gives a rocker vibe, while sneakers give it a more relaxed look. Pairing a basic sweater and patterned dress will make you the talk of the dinner table (in a good way, of course)!


Stylish Sweats

The last outfit is probably the comfiest outfit to eat a whole bunch of food in. A cute matching sweat outfit is an easy way to look good without trying too hard. Try a cropped hoodie with joggers to keep your curves and avoid looking too baggy. Making your hoodie or joggers a cute color, like lavender, can make your outfit seem more put together than basic gray or black. Pair this look with your cutest sneakers and you’re good to go. 

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