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Creative Costume Ideas For Your Furry Friend

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elizabethtown chapter.



Everyone who is a dog lover knows that Halloween is the perfect opportunity to dress up your pet and make them adorable. However, there are some costumes that are played out; such as hot dogs, a pumpkin, a cowdog, etc. The world is our oyster and it is time to discuss some new, fun, and creative costumes for our furry friends (who will probably hate us for it anyway). Below are some fun costume ideas that I have found that would look amazing on puppers of all shapes and sizes. 


  1. A Starbucks Drink:

There are many ideas out there for dressing your dog up as a Starbucks drink. Starbucks is a huge franchise that coffee fanatics tend to love, maybe even obsess over. Also, there has been little puppuccinos (a small cup of whipped cream), offered for your pups to enjoy. I know that my own dogs have had a few puppuccinos in their lives and thoroughly enjoyed them. You can also do a fun play on words if you have a pug and dress them as a “pugkin” spiced latte. I think both of these ideas would be really fun and cute to dress your dog up as.

  1. Cerberus:

Another fun costume idea that I have come across is Cerberus the guard dog of the underworld from Greek mythology. This costume idea has a little more work involved with it due to Cerberus having more than one head. You are going to want to get some heads that match your dogs looks ideally, thus you would probably need to make your own versions. Initially Cerberus has three heads so you would only need to make two additional heads for your dog. This costume would look great on all dogs; however, the ones I have seen are usually on black dogs. 

  1. A ty toy:

This can be a very easy to do costume idea for dogs because there is not a lot of pieces or work that need to go into it. It can be as simple as attaching a little tag with the “ty” logo on it, to your dogs’ collar and you are good to go. This can be handy as a last-minute costume due to its ease and lack of work that needs to be done for it. Plus, dogs are already adorable and look like stuffed animals as is, so it works really well. 

  1. A Chia Pet: 

While doing research for this article I came across the idea of making your pet into a Chia Pet. This was the first time I had heard of this costume idea and I really enjoyed the photos of them and thought this was super creative. For those unaware of what a Chia Pet is, it is this terra cotta figurine body that you spread chia seeds on it and then the seeds sprout. These chia seeds are to resemble the figurines fur, hair, or other features. 

  1. An Elephant:

Hear me out on this one because I do not just mean a regular elephant costume. I found this costume that is shaped like an elephant, but it goes on the dog’s butt. There is a hole where the elephant’s trunk should be, and you have to stick your dogs’ tail through there and it becomes the trunk. I think this is an absolutely adorable idea because it is not just your usual dressing up as an elephant and adding a trunk to your dog. Instead it is like a pair of pants and you just stick the tail through. This can be a great idea if your dog is very finicky with wearing clothes, and an elaborate costume may stress them out. It provides a fun costume while also keeping your dog in a more comfortable state.

Kaylyn Gordon

Elizabethtown '21

Hello, my name is Kaylyn and I am a student at Elizabethtown College studying Environmental Science.