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Finals week can be a super stressful time for any college student, which is why taking some time for yourself during the week is so important. However, it can be difficult to consciously make the decision to stop working for an hour or two to give yourself a break. A great way to force yourself to do this is to watch a movie! Watching a television series always gets you into that vicious cycle of “just one more episode” and then all of a sudden, you’ve wasted your entire day rewatching “The Office”. Watching a movie gives you one, set time period in which you can relax, then immediately get back to work. However, not all movies are good for down time. Therefore, I have created a list of movies currently offered on Netflix that are mindless enough to give your brain a break but are also entertaining enough to take your mind off all the work you need to do.

“The Lost Boys” (1987)

It’s easy to see why “The Lost Boys” has become a classic horror movie. It’s a fun and engaging movie about a teenage man, Michael (Jason Patric), that moves to a new town and finds himself mixed up with a group of teenage vampires. Despite being a horror film, though, it’s also wildly funny and will have you laughing and screaming the whole time. “The Lost Boys” Michael’s troubles will help you forget about your upcoming finals for an hour and a half, then leave you ready to get back to work.

“Shrek” (2001)

Just about everyone has seen “Shrek”, but everyone would always be happy to rewatch it. For those of those who haven’t seen it, “Shrek” is about an ogre (Mike Myers) who goes on an adventure to save a princess (Cameron Diaz) from a dragon-guarded tower in order to get his swamp-home back from an evil lord (John Lithgow). The fun that you have watching this movie will outweigh the stress from finals and have you feeling refreshed and ready to study again afterwards.

“Heathers” (1988)

Long before Winona Ryder starred in “Stranger Things”, she played the sardonic Veronica in the teen classic, “Heathers”. The movie is about a clique of popular girls named Heather, which may sound like the typical high school movie, but this is anything but. With its dark comedy and consideration of the cruelties of teenagers, “Heathers” is a movie that is not only wildly entertaining but also sticks with viewers long after the end credits roll. Having recently been adapting into a popular musical, “Heathers” has been steadily regaining popularity among teens today and is a must-see for everyone.

“Dead Poets Society” (1989)

Another classic offered on Netflix, “Dead Poets Society” is about a new teacher at an all-boys school (Robin Williams) and how he inspires and supports his students through the stresses they are put under by others. One of Robin Williams’ greatest performances, this movie will make you laugh and cry, but it will also make you forget about all the stress of your upcoming finals and be inspired to continue learning.

“Hercules” (1997)

Another childhood favorite, “Hercules” tells the story of the titular character as he completes labors in order to become a hero and regain his immortality. Even though most of us have already seen this movie, it will still be an entertaining watch. The fun songs and engaging story will keep your mind occupied, but as soon as it’s over, you’ll want to be just like Hercules and push yourself to pass all your exams and go from zero to hero.


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Allison Hauser

Elizabethtown '19

Allison is a senior communications major with a film studies minor at Elizabethtown College.
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