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2019 Fall Fashion Trends

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Elizabethtown chapter.



My favorite fall trend right now has got to be corduroy. Jackets, hats, pants; anything with corduroy is a yes from me. Corduroy is a quintessential 90s fashion trend, but it is back and better than ever. This cozy fabric in beautiful colors such as pink, lavender, tan, and green can spice up any autumn outfit you have. What’s great about fashion is its revolving nature. What was “in” 20 years ago is back and can be found in thrift and consignment stores all over. The best part? You can buy the latest trends for half the price when you get them lightly used. 


Oversized Blazers

Another fall trend that I’ve been dying for is oversized blazers. Patterns that have really caught my eye lately are houndstooth, glen check, and plaid. Matching suit sets are also amazing as a professional, but still stylish look. Pairing an oversized blazer with a tank top and jeans can make a basic outfit more sophisticated, but still casual and comfy. Blazers are great staple pieces that can be found at secondhand stores and really elevate any ensemble you put together. 


Baguette Style Shoulder Bags

Under the arm bags are another 90s trend that is back and look good with practically any look. At first, I wasn’t too sure about the baguette style purse, but this trend has definitely grown on me within the past month or two. My favorite pattern for the baguette bag right now is faux crocodile leather. These bags look chic with jeans, blazers, dresses: add this bag to any outfit and it automatically gives it a majorly cool flair. 


Midi Skirts

Midi skirts have been back in for a couple seasons now, but I’m still completely in love with this look for fall. Pairing a silk or satin midi skirt with sneakers or doc martens give off a casual but still put together look. Coupling the midi skirt and a sweater on the top is the perfect outfit for transitioning from summer to autumn. To go along with this trend, silk slip dresses with a sweater over top gives a similar effect.  


Vintage Jewelry

One of my favorite trends has got to be the comeback of cameos and pearls. Now this one might not be for everyone (which is totally understandable), but I have a deep love for vintage fashion; specifically when it comes to jewelry. I think that cameos are so classic and timeless; they look good as earrings, necklaces, rings and, of course, pins. Pearls are something that’s always in style, but pearl drop earrings have captured my attention this season. Combining vintage jewelry with newer clothing trends is just *chef’s kiss* perfect. 


Dark Green and Purple (not like Barney though)

The last trends I’ll be mentioning are actually colors. Dark green has always been “in” for fall, but I’m especially drawn to it for the 2019 autumn season. Dark green denim, corduroy, plaid; really anything looks good in dark green. The color that repeatedly showed up on the New York Fashion Week runways was purple, coined as “millennial purple.” Last year was the time for pink, this year its purple. Whether its a pair of plum pumps or lilac leather jacket, wear that purple with pride.


Funky Shoes

Spicing any outfit with a pair of killer shoes is one of the easiest ways to elevate your everyday style. Have an all white outfit? Add a pair of animal print boots or heels. All black outfit? Add a bold red sneaker. All white shoes with a unique embellishment can complement even the most color of ensembles. This season, lots of looks are being paired with platforms, lace-up boots and even heels with unusual stems. Getting a pair of amazing and different shoes that can be styled with various items in your closet can be a great start for people newer to the fashion scene.     

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