5 Steps to Revamp Your Revision

We all know that revision season is a stressful time for everyone. The library is always full, everyone gains a few pounds and consistently looks over-tired, and every year we say, "Never again will we be so unprepared."So here at Her Campus Edinburgh, we want to give you our top 5 tips for staying sane during exam season - because my more organised friends have shown that it is possible!


1. Work a 9 - 5 day. It seems too easy, but if we actually were at the library at 9 and then worked as if we were at school, we would get 6 hours work done - with the evenings free! If that doesn’t seem like enough, then do another slot from 7-9. 


2. Get revision friends. Revision season can be a particularly lonely season – it’s pretty hard to get work done when you’re trying to have a chat! But going to the library or a study space with people can at least entertain some notion of community in the face of difficulty. Furthermore, you can have a nice chat on your breaks!


3. Consider working in a cafe. The library can get pretty packed out and working in complete silence can feel pretty oppressive. You may find that working in a cafe (obviously buying the odd coffee to justify you being there) is a more relaxed environment to get some work done. The Starbucks on the corner of Forest Road is particularly good to work in, with plugs and big tables good for studying. 

4. Keep doing fun things. It can get pretty easy to only think about your work during exam season (which can make you go slightly insane, the longer it is). It’s incredibly important to keep doing interesting things to keep life interesting, even if just for an evening or on a study break! The Cameo Theatre on Tollcross is very good for an evening off, or try Blackford Hill and Arthur’s Seat! They aren’t too hard to climb and give great views over Edinburgh if you’re craving some space during the day.

5. Eat well and exercise regularly. It sounds cliché, and we all love study treats, but getting enough “brain food” is incredibly important during Revision time. Similarly, exercise releases endorphins, which helps maintain general happiness levels. More to the point - the more exercise you do, the more treat bags of chocolate buttons you can eat!