3 Tips to Ace Your Next Interview

Everyone will be familiar with the nerve-wracking feeling you get when you sit down in front of an employer’s desk at the start of an interview. Palms sweating, legs trembling: it’s an experience that everyone will have to get through at some point in their lives. Here are a few pointers to help you walk away with a smile on your face (and hopefully, a positive result)!

1. Be Prepared:

Employers like detail, and this is one tip definitely worth taking. Gaining basic background information on your potential future employer can make a huge difference. [1]Cynthia Shapiro, a Californian based careers expert claims checking out a potential future company can really increase your chances of appealing to the employer. Even small steps could make a big difference in your preparation.  Shapiro advises, “Go on Linked In and see if you have any mutual contacts with the company and ask a few questions about the company”.

This may be just the extra box ticked that you have over another candidate: by dropping in a company-specific fact, it’s clear to employers that you’re interested enough to take the time and do some research.

2. Dress the Part:                 

It may sound obvious, but looking right for the job is so essential to your first impression when walking through that door! Not only your interviewer, but potentially the other employees will take note as you pass by their office windows. Although it may seem like the perfect opportunity to get those pencil skirts out, suiting your ensemble to the organisation is what will really get the brownie points in the bag. Gaining an understanding of the organisation is important to represent that in your clothing style; a quirky vintage store may not be looking for a smart suit image, but a unique, funky vibe from an interviewee. Not only will dressing well make you look great, you will feel great too! Take note from an expert, Shelly Hagan, a body-language expert claims, “Dressing like a shy, mousy person can make you act that way, and your behaviours will reflect your lack of confidence.”[1]So dress to impress and make those first few steps into your soon-to-be employer’s ones to remember.

3. Practice Makes Perfect:

Why do you want to work for this organisation? Tell me something interesting about yourself? What animal would you be?

Ok, so the last question is pushing it a bit, but the other easy, standard questions that come up in just about every interview are the ones that may be the most likely to catch you out! Sometimes the questions you brush off as being simple and likely are the ones that end up tying your tongue on the day! The best thing to do to avoid this is practice. An efficient and punctual few sentences may be all you need, but running them by yourself in the mirror, or speaking to your flatmate, sister or even pet dog reduces the chances of making a mistake where it counts. 

So now you have a few tips to help prepare you for whatever situation you get placed into. Taking note of these pointers may not get you every job you come across, but will at least make you feel much more confident in an interview situation, and come across very professionally, pencil skirt or no pencil skirt!