'A Year in the Life' in Review

If you haven't had the chance to sit down with your Chinese takeout, your large pepperoni pizza, indian food, pop tarts, mini donuts, and several cups of coffee to hear those final four words… Then I suggest you don't read any further, especially if you have high expectations.

Having watched the entire series over again in the last three months, there were several things that I felt were missing from the classic Stars Hollow scenery. The absence of Sooki until the last 30 minutes of episode 4 was definitely a let down, and personally I didn't find Rachel Ray’s presence in her kitchen to be that entertaining. I was much on Lorelai’s side when it came to replacing her… It just wasn’t natural and I really think that things would've been different if Sooki had been there from the start of Winter.

I frankly had an issue with a lot of the screen writing and Sherman-Palladino’s attempt at references to pop culture such as Game of Thrones and Wild. I think she tried to be witty with them but I honestly only found myself laughing out loud one time through the whole mini series. This was another classic moment of how all the funny one liners and scenes were revealed in the preview.

I spent most of the 4 parts really enjoying everything that was happening in Rory’s life, possibly because the generation that I’m in is going through everything that she was dealing with, except maybe the affair with Logan and dealing with the fact he has a fiancé. As a writer, everything she went through was something that I feel like is waiting for me in the future, which is a scary thought.

But in each part I found Lorelai’s story to be lacking and boring and slightly confusing. In a way, I think that’s exactly how Sherman-Palladino wanted viewers to feel. Lost, confused, and like something was missing, because thats exactly how Lorelai had felt from the beginning. The holes and unanswered questions made the views feel what the characters were feeling and if we look at it that way I think it leaves us all a little bit less disappointed. Aside from that Musical, I mean what the heck was summer all about? That was the most random storyline that I think the show has ever taken…

I wasn’t truly satisfied or really felt like I was even watching Gilmore Girls again until Lorelai claims that she had been coffee in another life and proposes to Luke. And then it finally felt like home again. And I know that’s what Lorelai felt too when she was standing in her kitchen surrounded by 14 wedding cakes that Sooki made for her. But it just took way too long to get there and I felt like I wasted my time watching the three previous episodes.

The cliff-hanger of Rory’s pregnancy just left me wanting more, which is just plain torture, because every fan on the planet has just been wanting to know which boyfriend Rory ends up with and Paul just pissed all of us off. Like go home Paul no one wants you. Team Paul does not exist. Personal apologies to Team Dean who I think we can all officially take off the table because their interaction at Doose’s does not leave room to fantasize about him being the father.

Team Jess on the other hand, still has cards in play. Did we not see the way he looked at her through the window? Does that allude to a hidden scandalous scene that may have occurred off camera? I have faith. Im not sure how weird it would be now that Lorelai and Luke are married for Rory to have a child by her step-father’s nephew but hopefully we’ll get more information on that.

Team Logan definitely seems to be the top guy in the race right now considering he's the only one who we have proof of that Rory slept with through the whole mini series. So theres no question that Logan Huntsburger could absolutely be the father.

But what about mystery Wooki? Maybe he’ll surprise us all and be a perfect combination of Jess, Logan, and Dean. But somehow I doubt it… I’m just going to sit here for another 10 years probably and wait for an announcement of a new season of Gilmore Girls so I can get answers to all of these questions. Who knew that Amy Sherman-Palladino could leave us all with more questions than we started with.