Why Staying Put and Settling Down Shouldn’t Be an Option Yet: As Told by a Gypsy Soul


gyp∙sy /jipsé/ soul /sól/: One who is in constant need of change and/or adventure.  Always seeking the next best thing in any situation. Tend to be involuntarily passionate.  Often inspired by various ideas, attitudes, and experiences. Always seeking new scenery.


Obviously, the description above doesn’t apply to all in its full depiction, but I am here to tell you that there’s a little bit of gypsy in us all.  We all have an underlying need to experience life to its fullest.  Even if you don’t realize it yet or that longing just hasn’t hit you, it’s okay. I’m just here to tell/influence you why you should do everything you can to experience life to its complete potential.

Being a college student, you are on this single-minded track to finish school and jump into the work force.  You spend every free hour you have studying or trying to catch up on your sleep.  Randomly getting free weekends, you take them and go out with your friends at the normal hangouts. Here’s my suggestion: go visit that friend you have that went to a different school than you or go take a weekend trip somewhere.  Why? How many times do you go to the same downtown bar or frat party and see the same people and have the same encounters? Seems redundant to me.  Think about it like this; let’s say you go visit a different college with a friend or two.  You are introduced to an entirely new environment with new sights and new groups of individuals with incredible stories that you haven’t heard yet; now that’s good for the soul.

Take a year off before going into your regimented lifetime of waking up early and rotting in a cubicle and experience some invigorating occurrences.  No ones judging you.  Call me crazy, but I don’t think that we were given this life to waste it in a four by four staring at a computer.  

If that’s not for you than at least just take every opportunity you can to go accomplish something new or different with any opening that you have.  One day when you are older and you eventually do find that person that you want to settle down with, think of all things that you can talk about or even begin to experience with them.  My advice is just to do everything you can and say yes to as many things as possible to fulfill that amazing life that you were gifted with. 

I justknow that when I’m an old granny sitting with my grandkids around me, I want to tell them about all of these amazing adventures that I came across. I want them to look at me as someone who lived with no questions and absolutely no regrets. Life is too short and the world is incredibly too wide to do the same thing every weekend. So go do and experience, live life like the gypsy that you are and were always meant to be.