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What I gained from my roommates

Living with roommates can either be the greatest or the worst thing… Thankfully, for me it was the greatest thing. Here are a few things I gained from living with my roommates:



This one goes both ways, I have learned to be patient with people who aren’t like me. Whether that be how we clean the house, how we arrange the refrigerator or who showers first. It has allowed me time to learn how to be graceful with other’s and who they are. But, it also allowed me to see others being patient with me in the midst of my down falls.


My roommates quickly became my family away from home. They have loved me hard from the beginning. There have been good times and bad times, but I always knew that my roommates were in my corner when I needed them to lift me up.

New interests:

Living with as many people as I do, we were bound to all have different interests. That includes Netflix shows, foods and even extracurricular hobbies. The new interests that I’ve been able to have has been amazing. I’m no longer just watching Gossip Girl on repeat (not that that’s a bad thing), but now I’m watching shows that they recommend, Indian food and trying out boxing.

Best friends:

All of the other things are just added bonuses to the fact that in my roommates I found best friends. No one quite understands me the way that they do after living with me for years on end. They’ve seen the tears, the smiles and the crazy times and still chose to stick around. There is nothing quite like having roommates, but it’s even better when those roommates are also your best friends. 


Senior at East Carolina University, Communication major with a concentration in Journalism Lover of Jesus, coffee and good books. 
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