The Truth About Microneedling

All I knew was that all these makeup gurus were getting all these procedures done and their skin looks great so I figured I’d check it out.


If you haven't heard about it or are still unsure as to what microneedling is, I got you. Microneedling is using lots of really really small needles to care for the skin. It helps with acne scarring ( getting scars from popping pimples the wrong way) and overall complexion. This is insanely important to those of us who have acne scars because this is just about the only way you can get rid of acne scars!! They don’t cause any harm to your skin or anything crazy like that, but they are permanent scars and your face that look like really really large, open pores.


The first round of microneedling is done in three sessions, each one about an hour/hour and a half long with 4 weeks in between each procedure. After that it is recommended you get it done every 6 months to a year. The average cost per session is about $300, so make sure you have around $1000 saved up (or at least a solid plan on how you’ll get it)  before starting procedures because you HAVE to get those first 3 in that 3 month time span.



The procedure takes an hour to an hour and a half because for 30-45 minutes a numbing cream is applied so that you don't feel all the needles as much. The actual needling part you can't feel pain, just pressure in the spot the needles are.


After the procedure, you’ll look as red as a tomato and your skin will be incredibly sensitive, but that means it did what it’s supposed to!! Make sure you use the aftercare products they give you, use a gentle face wash, and stay out of the sun for a week. On day 3 post procedure, the skin that was broken up by the needles will start to peel off. It looks really scary, but again that means it did what it’s supposed to!! Try not to peel it off yourself, it will naturally come off with facewash.



Good luck with your healing process gals!! May we all have clear, non scarred skin in our futures!!!