Treat People With Kindness

Recently in entertainment news, there is a story surrounding Harry Styles and his set at the We Can Survive benefit show that took place at the Hollywood Bowl. For those who do not know about the incident, allow me to explain. The former One Direction band mate was performing, and during his performance of his song Kiwi, he got down to engage with and pump up the crowd. A way too eager fan decided to grope the 23 year-old singer. This is a human being! He has done nothing but show his love to everyone and support equal rights, but this is how he is repaid. Let us for a moment forget about my own admiration for Harry, and focus on the bigger issues here.

If you have read any of my past articles, you can obviously see my love and support for feminism. I am someone who believes that everyone should be able to be who they are in this world without fear of repercussions. I am one for equal rights to everybody no matter what gender, age, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation. So often, we focus on women’s rights but we have to remember that men can be victim to the same things women find a challenge as well. MEN CAN BE VICTIMS OF SEXUAL ASSAULT AND RAPE AS WELL! So often, they never talk about their experiences because they are scared of being judged or someone saying “But how?”


Another point we should discuss is how economic or social does very little to keep something like this from happening to you. In the past few weeks we have heard from many of our favorite actresses informing us of things that happened between themselves and Harvey Weinstein. Molly Ringwald, queen of 80’s coming of age movies, wrote an essay telling the public of things she had to go through while growing up in the industry. Sometimes we look at these entertainers as idols and sex symbols, when we should be looking at them as people. That is what they are. They are just like us, and they go through the same things we do.


I can understand being at a concert and losing yourself in the fun. I’m a fan girl. You can ask anyone who knows me and I will never deny it because I’m proud. One Direction will get back together. It’s only a hiatus people. What I do not understand is how, as a fan, you would do that to someone you support. As a fan, you should show respect because while they love you as a fan, the fame is hard. We make their lives harder because we are always in their business. We should never cross these boundaries without consent because we would not do that to anyone else, right? I sure hope you would not.


There is a video of the incident with Styles and the “fan." I am not embedding the video because I feel like it is disrespectful, but there are plenty of copies on the world wide web if you are curious. What was so saddening to me was that you clearly can see him freak out, of course, it was not the same kind of “freak out” I would have had. He cannot just stop his set and say “Screw you!” You see his face, his hand slaps the girl’s away, and he consequently, runs to the other side of the stage. He avoided the girl’s area of the audience for the rest of his set. As someone who has been grabbed before, you do not forget that. It follows you.

People are talking about this topic more. I think that is one of the best things we can do to make a change. Show people who are going through it that you have been there too. The #MeToo has led many to share their stories and show people just how many of their friends and loved ones have actually had to deal with the trauma. If it’s something you can talk about, don’t be silent. Help be the change.

Long story short, no matter what someone does for a living, no matter how good they look, no one is ever asking for it. No one wants it unless they tell you. Listen to the advice you were given at five years old and treat others how you would want to be treated. Keep your hands to yourself. Respect everyone no matter who they are. As Harry’s merchandise says, treat people with kindness.