Travel Bloggers to Feed your Wanderlust

I love traveling. However, being a full time college student sort of puts a damper on that (unless you study abroad, in which case read this article I wrote about that!) So, since I'm stuck in Greenville, at least until the summer, I've been binging on travel vlogs. Here are my top five!

1. Vagabrothers

These two brothers are my absolute favorite! They are so likable and fun to watch. Not to mention, they make some incredible videos! You can check out their youtube channel here!

2. Hey Nadine!

Nadine is funny, charming, and intelligent. She gives the best types, and has lots of great advice on solo female travel! 10/10 would recommend! Check her out here!

3. FunForLouis

This guy does some crazy and awesome things! If I'm not mistken he's currently traveling around in a massive bus! Louis is someone I can watch for hours! Check him and his crew out here!

4. Kristen and Siya

These two are insanely adorable! they go to cool places, and make the coolest videos! They just recently announced they are expecting their first child, so there is no telling what adventures they will find themselves in! Check them out here!