Reasons Everyone Should Study Abroad

If my friends could get a dollar every time they heard me say, "When I was in London," they could afford to send me back to London. Truthfully, I probably talk about going abroad every single day. The air will smell weird, and immediately I am reminded of a stroll along the Thames. Studying abroad has had one of biggest impacts on me. I HIGHLY recommend that you study abroad in college! Here are some reasons why!

1. It's so affordable

Okay, so this can't truthfully be said about every single study abroad program, but the ones here at ECU are always pretty reasonably priced. Honestly, it is exponentially cheaper to go abroad with your college then to try and plan a solo trip that will include the same amount of activities. For example, on my study abroad, our tuition included: room and board, tube passes, tuition for 6 credit hours (because you're going abroad to study), most of your transportation, international health insurance, day trip to Cambridge, day trip to Kew Gardens, and four plays (theater in London is a must!). That's a whole heck of a lot of things to do! What's even better, is depending on what city you're in, most things like museums or castle are free or provide discounted students for tickets! These countries want you to learn about them and understand their history!

2. You will meet great people!

I met some of my favorite people in the entire world while on this trip! Most of them I'm still friends with, and at least talk to every few months! I also got super lucky and had AMAZING professors on my trip! It's so great to be walking around campus and see one of my professors and fellow travelers! A lot of people worry about not making friends when you go abroad, but I promise someone in your group will like to the same things as you do!


Okay, so this can kind of vary depending on what country you're in. However, in London (another dollar?) there were so many different types of food to try. From Indian, to classic British food (Yorkshire pudding is great and you can fight me on it), to authentic Chinese cuisine in Chinatown near West End (still craving those noodles, not even going to lie). Anywhere you go has local cuisine. Try it, it's probably really good, and once you get back home you will spend a majority of you time craving it.

4. The Experience

It's honestly hard to put into words how much this experience will change you. Going to another country, even one as similar to America as England, will have a lasting impact on you. The way you view the world and the people that occupy this world will completely shift. Everything you thought you understood will change.

So those are my reasons for studying abroad! I hope you decide not to miss this opportunity!