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Thoughts You Have While Watching Mamma Mia 2

Warning! Spoiler alerts ahead! If you have seen this movie before you will probably understand everything I’m about to say- if you haven’t seen it…get over to your local Redbox or Amazon Prime and rent it (maybe event buy it)!


  1. Oh great we’re starting with a picture of Meryl Streep who THEY KILLED OFF.

  2. I heard Cher is in this where is she?!

  3. Woah wait we are flashing back to young Donna…SHE SLAYED HER GRADUATION.

  4. YOUNG HARRY. So awkward. So Cute. My heart is exploding.

  5. YOUNG BILL??? Marry Me.

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  1. Oh they’re singing “Mama Mia”. I want to be a Dynamo so bad.

  2. YOUNG SAM!!!!!! Donna should’ve dropped him like a hot potato… he’s cheating.

  3. Wait it’s Dancing Queen time, this is why I’m here.



  6. “I’ve Been Waiting For You” – I am in tears.

  7. Cher is singing “Fernando” ,now what did I do to deserve this.

  8. Wait now we’re singing “My love, My life” WITH MERYL STREEP. That is so rude my heart can’t take this.



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  1. Is the movie over why did everything go black?

  2. Oh my god oh my god there’s a spotlight. THERE’S CHER AGAIN.

  3. Everyone is singing “Super Trouper” thank goodness or else I’d be curled up in a ball crying.


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