Things to do on Halloween that don't involve going out

If you’re like me then Halloween may not be your favorite holiday… Surprising, I know considering it’s one of the best days to have an excuse to dress up as whoever or whatever you want and go out with friends. But it just isn’t my thing, I get much more excited about the movies and candy. So here is a small list of things you can do instead of going out…


Binge watch classic Halloween movies

This might be scary movies or it might be the Disney classics like Halloweentown or Twitches. Whatever it is, pick your genre or mix it up and settle in for a night of movies with your friends. Especially since Halloween is on a Tuesday this year, you might benefit from staying in and keeping a low profile. A few of my favorites are: The Halloweentown movies, Hocus Pocus, Twitches, Scream, etc. 

Pass out candy to kids

This may not apply to every college student, but I happen to live in a neighborhood that gets a lot of trick-or-treaters. Last year my roommates and I all pitched in candy to pass out to the kids who came by and it ended up being really fun. The reason this was so fun was because we got to see kids in adorable costumes and we got to see them get excited as we told them they could pick out their candy. It's the little things, guys.  

Eat all of the candy that you said you were going to pass out to kids

If you happened to buy a lot of candy for trick-or-treaters but ended up finding out that night that no children actually come where you live for candy (or if you bought the candy and told your friends you were passing it out as a cover up), then guess what!? YOU GET TO INDULGE IN IT ALL. And even better, since you picked the candy out you probably have a decent batch to pick from. No one is stopping you from eating the entire bag either. 

Carve a pumpkin

Get a group of friends together, buy a carving kit and get to carving! Maybe throw in some warm apple cider and a fire and you’ll have the perfect fall evening for pumpkin carving. This can take a few hours anyways, so sit back, relax and enjoy your friends company. To make it interesting, maybe you guys can even turn it into a competition to see who can carve the best design.