A Thank You to My Person

Ah, the ever popular term coined by our two favorite surgeons at Seattle Grace. But seriously, no term has ever described a best friend better. I have a ton of girls that I consider my best friends, naturally. However, there is only one friend I would call if I murdered someone (I haven't yet, don't worry). That friend is my person. I honestly don't know what I would do without her, like for real, I call her at least once a day because I'm in the middle of my fourth crisis of the day. I don't feel like I tell her enough how thankful I am for her, so I decided to write a whole article about it (also I know she reads and shares all of these because she's extremely supportive).

1. Thank you for talking off the edge at least once a day

You and I both know that people suck. Thank you for answering the phone and convincing me that I'm too nice to go to prison. Remember that time I called you because this guy in my history group tried mansplaining all the work that I DID to me? If you hadn't convinced me that he wasn't worth it, who knows what would've happened. You are constantly convincing me to keep going, even when I feel like I physically can't. 

2. Thank you for being one of my biggest cheerleaders

You're as supportive as my mom, and that alone is extremely impressive. Every pageant, dance competition, dance recital, and everything in between you make it a point to be there. You share my articles before I can even tell you they have gone live. You constantly support me in everything I do. When I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life and all I knew was that I really liked books and writing, you told me you would build me a little house in your backyard until I figured things out (I honestly still might take you up on that). 

3. Thank you for listening to my relationship problems

I know it must be exhausting to listen to me drone on and on about the same boy for three weeks straight, but you handle it like a pro. And when afore mentioned boy turned out to be a problem, you supported me in dropping that like a hot potato. You give the best advice, and most importantly, know exactly what I need to hear. 

4. Thank you for liking the same stuff I like

This one isn't that important I guess, but honestly, I'm super #grateful that we both have really good taste. I live for our live texting of the Bold Type, and freaking out about the new good music we've found (even if you listen to trap music). Thank you for always going to see superhero movies with me, and understanding that I hate horror films.

5. Thank you for traveling with me

One day I'm sure we're going to be dragging our significant others all across the globe, but until that happens thanks for always being down to plan a trip somewhere. We've had some great trips so far, and honestly can't wait to see where we go next (can it pretty please be Greece?).

6. Thank you for keeping it real with me

While you are the most supportive friend ever, you are not afraid to call me out when I'm being ridiculous. Everyone needs someone that will tell them when they are doing the most, and you always let me know. For real though, I'm usually overreacting about something and you are the only person that will tell me to get over myself and either do something about it or shut up.

I guess the most important thing is, thank you for just being there. I know no matter what, I can call you, and you would do everything in your power to help me (remember that time you almost drove 4 hours to get me because my plane got delayed?). I honestly have no clue what I would do without you. I will always be grateful for my best friend and my person.