Simple Changes you can make to help the Environment

With so many people living on this planet doing so many things every day, it’s no surprise that our environment is hurting because of it. I used to think that I needed to help with a huge project in order to help the world and its people, but since then I’ve learned that doing little things everyday can really help when it’s done in droves. Please please please consider making these changes because if enough of us do, we could help future generations not have as big of a mess to clean up. Some not-so-fun-facts that might help you sway your thinking:


Most likely every straw you have used in your lifetime is still around

    Yep! Most plastic is not biodegradable and can last for 2,000 years


By 2050, there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish according to weight.


Plastic bags, plastic rings on soda cans and water, and straws are often some things that cause thousands of sea life deaths every year.

Don't like these statistics? Me neither. Ways to change them: 

Metal straws

    So instead of Americans averaging 1.6 straws a day , imagine just having maybe 3 a year because you lost 2? Metal reusable straws are awesome because they hardly break are actually super cheap!! Bring your straw with you or just go without! I’ve been going without straws for about a month since I saw this Buzzfeed video and I’ve gotten a bunch of my friends to stop using straws too!!


Look you can make them ~aesthetic~ 

Or buy in bulk 


Reusable makeup remover pads/towels

     I know it sounds insane, but you can actually take your makeup off with just water! This will prevent those makeup wipes sitting in a landfill for 100 years (not exaggerating here- most wipes last about 100 years


You can either go with a towel 

Or little wipes 


Reusable grocery bags

  Our lovely turtles eat jellyfish, and to a turtle a jellyfish and a plastic grocery bag look pretty similar. Only difference is that eating a grocery bag will most likely kill them instead of providing nutrients to their bodies. Try to cut down on the number of plastic bags in the ocean by using reusable grocery bags.


Often wherever you shop have some for cheap, or you could order cute ones 

Yes, they are a little expensive but think of all the lives you’ll be saving!!

A Brita filter or a reusable water bottle ( or both!! )

There. Are. So. Many. Plastic. Water bottles. Everywhere. I know it might be a hassle in the morning to fill up your water bottle instead of grabbing a plastic one real quick, but it will help the landfills not have 2 million tons of water bottles thrown away by Americans each year  


Get yourself a brita 

And a nice reusable water bottle 

Super tight on money? Don’t have the availability to purchase these items? Don’t worry, helping the planet can be free. Some options that don’t require anything besides a habit change:

Turn off lights whenever you leave the room

Turn off the sink when you’re brushing your teeth

Try to always have full loads of laundry instead of doing multiple half loads


Please help save the world guys, it’s the only one we have :((