Quiz: A Sanderson Sister Couldn't Pass This

Test your magic on these ten questions to prove your Hocus Pocus knowledge. Don't try to cast a spell on it! This test will not bend to your witchy ways!

1. Who lures Emily to the Sanderson household?

A. Sarah

B. Mary

C. Winifred

D. Thackery

2. Winifred’s book features all of the following except what on the cover?

A. eye

B. stitches

C. skull

D. snake

3. What do Max and Dani’s parents dress up as for Halloween?

A. Madonna and Dracula

B. Brittany Spears and Justin Timberlake

C. Michael Jackson and Tina Turner

D. Witch and a Warlock

4. What is the name of the cat in Hocus Pocus?

A. Zachary

B. Barkley

C. Mackie

D. Thackery



5. What is stolen from Max at the start of the film?

A. Pants

B. Shoes

C. Jacket

D. Bike

6. What nickname does a character give Max in the film?


B. Maxie

C. Hollywood

D. Stupid

7.In order to get his sister to go with him to the Sanderson house, what does Max agree to do with Dani the following year?

A. Dress up as Peter Pan and Wendy

B.Give her all the candy he gets

C.Buy her a dog

D. Drive her to school everyday

8. Who use to be Billy's girlfriend?

A. Winifred

B. Sarah

C. Mary

D. Caroline

9. What happens to the witches once the sun comes up?

A. They vanish into thin air

B. They melt

C. They turn into rats

D. They turn into dust



10. How does Max bring back the sisters?

A. He opens the magic book

B. He reads a spell

C. He lights a candle

D. He dances a special dance






Let's see how well your magic is!








1. a

2. c










Gather your ghoulfriends or your boo and catch Hocus Pocus on Freeform's 13 Nights of Halloween starting Oct. 19.  View the full 13 Nights of Halloween lineup here.