Place to Eat Around Campus

Let's face it: dining hall food gets boring REAL quick. The beginning excitement of being able to eat whatever you want has faded off and now you’ve accepted that you’ll just have mediocre food for the year.


You’re in luck!! Hi: I’m Rachel, sophomore who hates dining hall food more than anything. Also, Rachel who has figured out all the tricks to eating decent food around campus without having a car to get you there.



Jimmy Johns

Greenville’s Jimmy John’s is right in that part of downtown that is super close to west end! It is on the same street as UBE, where to go get cheaper textbooks than dowdy (not that much cheaper but still cheaper). Getting half a sandwich is around $4-5 and it’s actually fresh food with good bread that will keep you full for hours. Their meat actually tastes fresh, unlike dining hall food sometimes.


Mi Cabana

There are a couple locations around Greenville and you’ll get a different answer from everyone you meet, but either way Mi Cabana (usually called Mi Cab) is a great CHEAP mexican restaurant. Just about every time I’ve gone I had leftovers or ordered a little bit more than usual to make sure I got leftovers. There is one location across from Sup Dogs, which is in eye sight from the West End dining hall.


If you have to order delivery, make sure that you order from somewhere that is worth it. Sometimes the cost of delivery just makes whatever you’re ordering just not worth the money.

Places I’ve found are actually worth ordering:



A whole pizza could last you 3 meals if you make it!! Plus a lot of the time someone else you’re hanging out with wants pizza too, so you can have them help split the delivery cost.


Campus calzones

This place is focused on delivering all kinds of calzones straight to campus. They have probably over 30 kinds on top of a make-your-own AND specials deals going on every day!!i Good for a meal or good to split into two small meals/two big snacks depending on what you qualify as a snack/meal. Best part? All calzones come with free marinara. Boom.



Make sure you don’t fall into a joyrun hole!! Joyrun is an app where students can order whatever meal they want (chipotle, cookout, anywhere that someone is willing to drive to) and other students will drive there, pick it up, and deliver it to you. Sounds awesome at first, but then when you actually go to do it, it ends up being fairly expensive. On top of your food, you have to pay a $3-5 runner fee, and as a good human you should tip. This means your $5 cookout tray has just become $12. Don’t completely cut yourself off of it because it can actually be helpful, but just make sure it does'nt become a habit!!