Overcoming the Fear of Travel

“If you risk nothing, you gain nothing”. – Bear Gryllis

It was the day of departure. We had everything planned. Plane tickets in hand. Suitcases packed and ready to roll.

Yet, I was paralyzed at the world I was leaving behind even for a few nights. Almost every time I travel I get worried about what is behind me. As a matter of fact I am this way with other facets of my life. Most often I feel the rush of adrenaline and fear beforehand. When I do any adventurous activity like jumping across tight rope on a high ropes course, zip-lining, or biking down a rough trail. I feel the rush of terror, but as soon as I begin to move my body finds homeostasis once more and I am at peace. When I go on a journey of extensive length it is worth the fear and hassle I endure prior to the excursion. Read below my tips for overcoming the worries you may have before adventuring out into the world.

“If it scares you it might be a good thing to try”. – Seth Godwin

Plan ahead 

I had a first aid kit, my pocket knife, and the number for Triple A all in the backseat of my van. So while I was nervous about leaving I had everything planned ahead in case anything were to happen. The best way to not be nervous about what may happen is to be prepared.

Think about the opportunity you would miss 

Life is all about experiences. The first time I was ever on the high ropes course I was terrified. I did NOT want to jump across the tight ropes, and the first time I was up in the air I made the choice not to. Afterwards I regretted it and was thankful I got the chance to go up again and redeem myself. Even though it was uncomfortable and nerve racking I am so proud of myself for doing it.

Don’t Focus on What Could Go Wrong

In every adventurous activity I have participated in I think about the endless possibilities. The first night I slept in my van I remember waking up in the middle of the night panicked that someone must have been outside of my car ready to break in. When I awoke the next morning with my body and belonging still intact I was both surprised and relieved. The second night became more comfortable along with the third. With every activity that is new I fear. The first roller coaster I road on. The first I went rock climbing. The first time I ever belayed someone rock climbing. These opportunities to experience life caused a moment of trepidation but the rush of accomplishment felt afterwards is indescribable.

Travel Cheap or Within Your Budget

Usually when things go wrong while on a trip the fixing of the problem typically involves money. It is always a good idea to know how much money the trip you are going on, and then set aside some “just in case” $$$$.

Pack Like a Pro

The last trip I when on with my parents my mom looked in my suitcase and said “Did you pack any clothes”?. We both laughed.  Of course I had packed some clothes, but I only packed just enough that I needed for the trip and my suitcase looked barren.  While the rest of my family had stuffed suitcases. Often times I have found that I need a less than I usually bring. Now I make sure to always have a few basics with me. Chargers, a toothbrush, a jacket, and sweat pants. I always pack for possibilities while also still packing light in order to be prepared for every circumstance.

Don’t THINK just DO 

Stop thinking.  Just go. Often times I think that these things adventures are not possible. Then suddenly I realized that the world is before me and nothing is stopping me. Now I just have to work up the COURAGE and GO!