Netflix Original Series '3%' is 100% Recommended

Need a new Netflix show to watch after a hard week of finals?  I have a show that will get you hooked in a second.  3%. 

**Disclaimer** It’s a commitment since the cast speaks Portuguese (you have to read subtitles), but I promise it’s worth the extra effort. 

Maybe this new series hasn’t popped up in your “recommended series” queue yet, or maybe it just hasn’t caught your eye, but for those who haven’t yet, 3% is a must watch if you’re any type of Hunger Games fan.

The acting is phenomenal, the characters backgrounds are unique, and their stories are compelling.  Pedro Aguilera created the series, and the first season in the series has 8 episodes.  Aguilera depicts a dystopian world where 3% of an impoverished society has the opportunity to ascend to a better life.  This is if and only if they survive the selection process, which many people fail to do.

As a 20-year-old, you are given the chance to take part in The Process.  Surviving The Process means reaching what they call the Offshore, which to them, is a mysterious promise land. 

I won’t spoil any of the action, so I'll just let you see it all for yourself, but 3% is 100% recommended.