Meet Sarah Biggers: Gamma Sigma Sigma Membership VP

Name: Sarah Biggers


Major: Special Education Adaptive Curriculum


Year: Junior


Greek affiliation: Gamma Sigma Sigma

How did you first find out about gamma sigma sigma?  I heard about Gamma Sigma Sigma through a high school friend.  She was already an active sister in the sorority and told me everything and anything about it and I fell in love.


What made you want to be involved in a service sorority? I wanted to be involved in Gamma Sigma Sigma because it is a service sorority.  All throughout my life I grew up participating in mission trips and youth group.  We would do different service and missions throughout my home in Charlotte and nationally.  I have always loved being hands on and playing an active role in changing someone’s life for the better.  Even if the change was something as simple as a smile to, or as complex as rebuilding a home for a family in need. 


How do you think being in Gamma Sig impacted your college experience? 

Oh my… Gamma Sigma Sigma has made such an impact on my life.  I was struggling a lot with confidence, self worth and beauty. Joining Gamma Sig made me so much stronger as a person and now as a sister.  I had a great Pledge Mom and Pledge Dad to help me through all my struggles and I owe a lot to them.


Gamma Sig is made up of the big sisters I never had and the sisters I need in my life to keep me motivated.  I had to take a year off from Gamma Sig for some medical testing and never in my life have I felt more welcomed back into an organization, group of girls, sisters or a big family.


Gamma Sig has also showed me how much my passion for missions and service makes up a big part of who I am.  I am so grateful for everything Gamma Sig has offered me.  Especially the leadership position I am taking on this year as Membership Vice President.


What is the number one thing you want people to know about Gamma Sig? One thing I would like people to know about Gamma Sig is we are one big family that support, care, and love each other no matter what race we are, background we come from, or other differences.  Gamma Sig is welcoming to all and I love that.


If you could tell the possible new members anything, what would you tell them?

 As Membership VP, I am required to say a lot.  But something I would tell the new members, I would tell them be yourself.  Love who you are, know you are loved and will be loved at Gamma Sig and that I found my “home” here and I hope they can too.


What is your favorite part about being in Gamma Sig?

My favorite part of Gamma Sig is the bonds I have made, my wonderful littles (Caitlyn and Megan) and I love that I  get to be a role model to my littles and serve my community locally and nationally.