Meet Megan Sands: Panhellenic President!

Name: Megan Sands

Position: Panhellenic President

Hometown: Cary, NC

Major: Nursing

Year: Senior


HC: What made you want to hold a leadership position?

Megan: I think I started loving leadership positions when I was thrown into one in high school. I loved working with other people that had common goals as me. Leadership positions also keep me involved in whatever I’m doing and tend to make me a more productive person which is a necessity in college!

HC: What made you want to become President of Panhellenic?

Megan: I have always loved holding leadership roles and felt it was time for something new! I’m a firm believer in constantly challenging myself to improve and push outside of my comfort zone and Pahellenic provided the perfect opportunity.  Panhellenic also offers a unique experience in which you are working with women from all different chapters which immediately drew my attention!

HC: How do you like your role as President?

Megan: I love it! I’ll be honest, it’s definitely pushed me harder than anything else before, but I wouldn’t change a thing about it. I love working with chapter presidents and delegates and making the sorority experience better for every member. I have been given so many incredible opportunities from Panhellenic and am so thankful for that!

HC: What’s your favorite thing about ECU?

Megan: I love that ECU is a big school with football and Greek Life, but it has such a close-knit feel.  When I came to ECU my freshman year I only knew my roommate and was so nervous about meeting people. Yet, I noticed when I put myself out there how easy it was to make friends. I wasn’t sure if ECU was going to be the right fit for me when I first got here, but looking back I can’t imagine spending my college years anywhere else!


HC: What’s your favorite part about Greek life at ECU?

Megan: This is hard… there’s a lot of things that I love about Greek Life at ECU. I love how close of a community we are. There is a ton of support between organizations and you’ll see everyone interacting on campus and in the library all the time. It’s really amazing that not only do you join you chapter here at ECU, but that there are so many opportunities to expand your network across all four Greek Councils.  


HC: If you had any advice for a younger member hoping to get involved in a leadership position within their chapter or Panhellenic, what would it be?

Megan: Stay active! It’s not enough to just want to have a leadership role, but you need to prove it through your actions. It can be scary to go for a position your freshman year, but the worst that’s going to happen is that you won’t get it. It happened to me my freshman year, but I went after smaller roles, then bigger roles and eventually ended up where I am today! Be a leader that you would want to follow. Remain a positive presence, be a responsible member, and show others what you’re capable of!