Meet Megan DeMarco: Gamma Sigma Sigma President

Name: Megan DeMarco

Major: Public Health, Pre Health Professions

Year: Senior

Greek affiliation: President of Gamma Sigma Sigma National Service Sorority 


How did you first find out about gamma sigma sigma?

I found out about GSS my freshman year when my suite mate and I attended an Information session after hearing about the organization at Get A Clue. Some of the sisters approached us and invited us warmly and after the first interest meeting I knew it was for me!


What made you want to be involved in a service sorority?

I contemplated joining a Panhellenic sorority after my first semester to try to give myself a chance to see what else ECU had to offer. I decided to join a service sorority because I felt it would be a better fit for me and my interests. Being on a  Pre Health concentrated career path, community service definitely looks good on my resume and helps me network with non profits in the health care field. While community service was my number one reason to join this amazing organization, the sisterhood that came with it was the cherry on top. Not only were countless service opportunities available for me, I met some of my best friends that I know have had for four years. 


How do you think being in Gamma Sig impacted you college experience?

Gamma sigma sigma has given me countless leadership opportunities to develop my communication and professional skills. Every semester different service opportunities are available overall increasing my experience. Gamma sigma sigma has also given me a chance to meet other driven young women to spend my time with and give back to my community. 


What is the number one thing you want people to know about Gamma Sig?

Gamma Sigma Sigma is more than just a sorority, and is more than just a community service club. It is a place where young women can come together to truly make a difference in other people's lives. 


What are your plans after graduation?

I am receiving a Masters in Health Care administration at UNC Chapel Hill. 


What are you going to miss most about ECU?

I am going to miss all of my sorority sisters and the constant love and friendship they bring to me daily! and football season.. go pirates!