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Meet Madisyn Van Ham, President of Sigma Sigma Sigma!

Name: Madisyn Van Ham

Major: Business Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Year: Junior

Green Affiliation: Tri Sigma


What made you want to hold a leadership position?


I’ve always been heavily involved in my sorority and ever since I became a member of my chapter I knew I wanted to hold an executive position and have a say in my chapter and help to make it be the best it can be.

How do you like your role as President?

I love my role as President, I have an amazing officer team by my side that help make my job enjoyable and easy!

Other than your sorority, what else are you involved in on campus?

I’m involved at the Pirate Academic Success Center as a math and accounting tutor.

What’s your favorite thing about ECU?

My favorite thing about ECU is the beautiful campus and the incredible college experience it has provided me with. Life long friends, an amazing sorority, and an outstanding education.

What’s your favorite thing about your chapter?

My favorite thing about my chapter is that it has become my home away from home giving me incredible sisters and friends all in one. It’s also provided me with an infinite amount of leadership and volunteer experiences.

If you had any advice for a younger member hoping to get involved in a leadership position within their chapter, what would it be?

My advice to them would to be get involved now, whether it’s just a chair position or attending a conference for your chapter or simply just shadowing a current leadership position! 


New Jersey raised, North Carolina crazed Oh, and I like Chipotle
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