Meet Harriet Carlton: Student Author

One of ECU's own has successfully signed a publishing contract for a four book series called Angels Rising. Harriet Carlton's books are now up for sale on This new young adult novel is definitely one I will be ordering soon, and it's an amazing accomplishment that one of our own pirates has been successful in the world of literature! And her story sounds amazing:

"When 17-year-old Imorean Frayneson receives a scholarship to Gracepointe University in Norway, he’s a bit surprised: he didn’t even remember applying. When he arrives, he notices odd things: gates that lock at night, staff that refuse to give straight answers and most disturbing of all, a spectral creature that seems to be haunting him. Before long, Imorean finds himself caught up in a sinister plan – one created seventeen years ago – that threatens to destroy the life he knew and expose the secret truth of who he really is."

Name: Harriet Carlton 

Year at ECU: Junior 

Hometown: New Bern, North Carolina; born in Norfolk, England 

Major: Triple Major: BA German/ BA English/ BA Great Books 


How long have you been writing? 

I started writing when I was 12, and have been writing ever since. I plan to continue writing, and hope to make it into a lifelong field of work.  


How did the idea come to you?

I wanted to write a book that explored a field that had not been worked in very much. Young adult is a developing field, and the supernatural, angels in particular, is an area in that genre that has not been worked with a great deal by authors. Eventually, the idea of combining the supernatural and a young adult character culminated together in the form of Angels Rising and its subsequent books. I wanted to do my best to bring something new to the young adult genre.   


How long have you been working on these books? 

I have been working on the Angels Rising series since the start of my freshman year at ECU, and continued to work on the latter books throughout my sophomore year. 


Tell us about your publication journey. 

The Angels Rising series is not the first book series I have written. The first book series I wrote was a trilogy which was turned down by several publishers. After the most recent denial of the first series, I set it aside and began work on Angels Rising. The first publisher that I submitted it to decided that they would accept it and it's three sequels.  


What are your future plans or goals for this series? 

My goals for this series is to finish the books on a high note, and hopefully to market more widely to the target demographic.  


What authors or books inspired you the most? 

J. K. Rowling and her Harry Potter series have been a huge source of inspiration and motivation. Ali Sparkes and her Shapeshifer series have also made a large impact on my writing. A third series that has impacted me is the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz.  


What advice do you have for others who aspire to write novels?

My advice to those who are writing novels or books of any length and style is to not give up. Keep writing the book that you are working on. Read all the books you can from classics to modern novels and a in a wide range of genres. Nobody gets published on the first try, so if that is the goal, do not get discouraged at the first rejection letter. Unfortunately, it is better for your career, and your success, to submit your manuscripts first to an independent publisher, and not to one of the big five, as they are almost entirely closed off to brand new authors. Writing is a hard field to get into, but extremely rewarding when you do.