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Meet Deepika Bhamidipati

HC: What do you sell?


Deepika: I sell double wrap necklaces and chokers!



HC: How much do you sell them for?


Deepika: My double wrap necklaces are in a variety of colors and bead sizes. The smaller bead wraps are $7 and the bigger bead wraps are $10. All the chokers are only $10! If you add a charm, greek letter or tassel then it’s $15 for any of them. 


HC: When did you start selling them?


Deepika: I started selling them in August, because my roommates and friends were all in love with them, but in boutiques they cost a ton of money! Everyone always had to wait and save up to get just one, so I thought if I could learn how to make it and sell it, then more girls could enjoy them and not have to worry about missing out on a cute statement piece just cause of the price. I love seeing girls wearing them to class and games and seeing how much they love pairing them up with their favorite outfits!


HC: How did you learn to make them?


Deepika: I took a mini jewelry course to learn how to make them! After that it really was a trial and error process where I tried to find the best materials and procedure for them. I kept perfecting it until I got to a product I was proud of and wanted to sell. 



HC: Can you see yourself doing this all throughout college?


Deepika: I love making these necklaces and can totally see myself making them through college. I started off with double wraps, worked my way up to chokers and am now adding wooden beads to my variety. Necklace making is not only a fun hobby for me, but also one that I can keep growing and improving with. The possibilities are endless!


HC: What’s your Etsy accout?

Deepika: BeaDeeps (Make sure to keep checking for my wooden beads which are coming out soon!)

New Jersey raised, North Carolina crazed Oh, and I like Chipotle
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