March Bullet Journal

Happy March! This month was a whirlwind for me, but my bullet journal was really reliable. I pretty much kept with the same weekly spread from week to week, but instead added more extra things that helped me keep the other aspects of my life in track.

Monthly Spread

Weekly Spreads 

not gonna lie, I was just really excited about spring break when I made this :) 


I started adding in little designs when there were major holidays, like a shamrock for St. Patrick's Day and then a candle for my birthday 

I continued to take notes for all of my classes in here, including having a page for all the classes I wanted to register for. I'm starting a club here at ECU, so I wrote down all of our social medias with usernames and passwords for me to keep track of. 

And lastly because I just love Chipotle too much for my own good, I started a budgeting page. Having to write down what my purchases were made me want to not spend as much (so I didn't have to write as much). I also didn't like seeing so many food places (some more than once) written down on that sheet so it limited my food spending. My favorite part about my budget sheet is my no spend section. Every day that I managed to not spend any money, I got to color in a box. The motivation to color in that box Im sure saved me at least $20. 


So far my April has been a bit more exciting with spreads so I'm excited to see where it goes!!! Happy bullet journaling lovies!!