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A Letter to my Roommate at the End of the Year

Dear Roomie,

Thank you for an amazing year. I can’t believe we’ve reached the end of this part of our crazy journey. Notice that I said this part. You may think that because we aren’t living together next year that you’re off the hook, but I have news for you, you know too much for us not to be friends, so you’re kind of stuck with me. 

In all seriousness, this ending is a little bittersweet. While I’m excited that we are both about to start these two new chapters of our lives, I’m very sad we won’t be sharing the same 8×8 space anymore. I know we are both crawling the walls and ready to get out of this horrible dorm, but we still had some fun there. (Though true life: I’m glad we share a strong hate for the dorms.) 

From the nights that we were too lazy to walk to Mendenhall and get food so we simply ate Ramen, to the late night talks in the dark. Thanks for keeping me from dropping out, and telling me that you would support me even if I did. I don’t think I would have made it through this year without you. Thanks for letting me whine, complain, and call you names when I was mad. Thanks for always letting me rant about the news and other politics that I know you probably didn’t really care about. You kept me sane, literally. Thanks for not killing me for leaving shoes everywhere, I know that took a lot.

I’m going to miss waking up to your horror stories from the 8 a.m. (because it’s scary enough to even think about being awake that early). I’m going to miss sneaking your dog into the dorm. But most of all, I’m going to miss living with my best friend. Thanks for being low maintenance;)

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