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I’m Team Rory

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the internet attack a Fictional Character as much as Rory Gilmore has been attacked since the release of the Gilmore Girls revival on Netflix. For those of you who haven’t finished watching ‘A Year In the Life,’ I highly suggest not reading any further. Although, as said in my review, much of the revival was a disappointment, but Rory’s storyline was very accurate to the everyday struggles of the 20-somethings and the 30-somethings. I feel that everyone who is criticizing her doesn’t have the grip on reality they need to, or were just hoping so badly for Rory’s fairytale ending. 

Rory’s fling with Logan was out of character for her, but so was stealing a yacht and dating someone her mother hated. Rory has a history of surprising behavior, especially when she’s under pressure and I think it’s clear that’s something she deals with throughout the revival. 

Amy Sherman-Palladino’s choice to make Rory wandering through life and searching from job to job is refreshing, because honestly if we look at Rory’s life, she’s been handed almost everything she wanted. I think after her job on the Obama campaign, reality hit her hard and adulting didn’t turn out the way she wanted. 

I had so much respect for the scene where Rory comes down off her high horse and finally accepts an interview with a website who has been begging for her, and in the end she bombs the interview. I liked that. I liked how it wasn’t just handed to her and life threw her a curveball. It was so real. And her choice to move home is so relatable and will, unfortunately, happen to a lot of the present day 20-something crowd. A lot of critics and fans are also saying that Rory’s occupation and book idea was too predictable, but honestly any true fan should love the idea of a Gilmore Girls book, and it kind of makes you look back on the entire series and think about how we watched the story that Rory wrote. 

Rory’s pregnancy is something that I feel comes down on Rory when she thinks she has her life together, and then it’s like BAM one more thing to throw off the balance. Although my initial reaction after watching was surprise and anger (mostly because we don’t officially know who the father is) after a week of chill and thinking about it, it was the perfect way to end the series. They really came full circle and the Gilmore Girls will add another insanely talented eater to the mix and it’s a cool turn in the storyline. I have respect for Sherman-Palladino’s choices for Rory, especially in relation to your average college grad. 

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