How to Pack Your Room at the End of the Year

The year is over in 2 weeks and that means moving out. Packing can be extremely stressful, but with these tips you can pack up your room with ease.

1. Clean your room

The first step is to clean your room. It's hard to pack when there is so much clutter. It's hard to see what you need to pack when everything is on the floor. If you're room is already clean then you can start to pack!

2. Start packing now

It will be a lot easier on move out day if you already have most of your room packed, especially if you have to do it yourself. Take some time on the weekend to start packing up the items you don't need.

3. Pack Winter and Fall clothes

The first thing you should pack is clothes that you won't be wearing the rest of the semester. Pack sweaters, jackets, scarves. You can pack boots as well. I left out a light jacket and a sweatshirt for chilly days.

4. Don't ball things up

When you pack your things into trash bags or boxes, lay your clothes flat in the container. Folding your clothes a bunch of times will just take up more space.

5. Give away things you don't want

If you have things that you know you won't use, see if someone else wants it. I put a box of hair and skincare products outside my door and told people they could take whatever they want. There's no point in packing something that you'll just throw away.

6. Sell your textbooks

The dowdy store is having a book buyback the last couple of weeks of the semester. They won't buy all of your books but it's worth checking what they'll buy. I forgot to sell my books last semester so I took all the books I didn't need and I got $95! Here's the schedule:

In-Store Buyback - Wright Building

Mon., April 24 - Wed., April 26:  8am - 6pm

Thurs., April 27:  7:30am - 6pm Fri.,

April 28:  7:30am - 5pm Sat.,

April 29:  11am - 3pm Mon.,

May 1 - Thurs., May 4:  7:30am - 6pm Fri.,

May 5:  8 am - 5pm

Dowdy Trailer Buy Back - College Hill Dr. Large Parking Lot & West End

Fri., April 28:  9am - 4pm Mon.,

May 1 - Thurs., May 4:  9am - 4pm


I hope these tips helped you and good luck on your finals!!