How to have tattoos in the workplace

Tattoos in the workplace! A highly debated topic. As many things have changed in the past decade, so has the view about tattoos in the workplace. It used to mean that you were unreliable and rebellious, leading to many people with tattoos not being hired solely on that premise. Now, it is more widely accepted as someone who wants to express themselves or honor something that is extremely important to them. We still have a long way to go, but if your workplace allows you to have a tattoo as long as it is covered, here are some ideas around placement: 


On the inside of your ankle

    If you’re in the medical field, you will most likely always have scrubs/socks covering this one. Pretty much any job that requires you to wear pants will take care of this one, just make sure your company's policy is “as long as it's covered” instead of “none at all”. If you have a job that requires you to wear shorts you could wear long socks or taller shoes!



    98% of the time, this area is not going to be exposed while you are on the clock. People say its the most painful one to get, but if that means I can still work at my hard-worked-for job then so be it. If you are a swimmer or a life guard, maybe wear a one piece or get one of those tops that cover an inch or two of your stomach to cover up the tat. 


Side boob

    .....I really can't think of any job where this area would be exposed. I mean most bras will cover it up, let alone workplace uniforms! 


shoulder blade/back 

    Unless you work requires a low-back top (which.....I have never heard of) then this will be a good place you can cover up for work and show off with a cute tank once you get off!! 


Behind the ear

    Simple fix- wear your hair down! And even if your work requires to put it up, add a headband that wraps around to cover it up. 

If you have a tattoo on a very visible place, good ways to cover them up are:

    Forearm tattoos can be covered with a long sleeve shirt 

    Wrist tattoos can be covered with a watch or a thick bracelet

    Finger tattoos can be covered with band aids, but if you have a job that requires you to wash your hands a lot this might create some issues.


Of course always make sure you are abiding by company policy and make it very clear that you are not trying to hide anything!! Transparency is truly going to help you in this situation.