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How to dress cute for the Summer without melting

Summer for most people means no school, travel, free time and great memories. For those of us on team thick-thighs, it means the dreaded chub rub pains that show no mercy. Always red and irritated, your thighs go through the ringer in the heat of summer. Another issue is hair: it gets frizzy the second you walk outside, and if it’s thick you sweat so much it looks like you just got out of the shower. I am a member of both of these parties, so here are a couple things I have found that help summer not be a constant battle of trying to look cute without a heat stroke. 


Water based lotion

    I know I know, putting on lotion helps until its making you sweat even more than you would have originally. BUT if you find the right amount, I’ve found that is light enough to not make you drenched in sweat but also helps your thighs get just swishy enough to glide past each other.


Flowy shorts instead of jean shorts

    These are my saving grace. Instead of having the thick jean material rubbing against your thigh as you’re walking around all day, the cotton will just feel like you are wearing pajama pants. You’ll feel more free, you’ll catch the breeze and not be as hot!!!


Summer dresses 


    Summer dresses are summer dresses for a reason!!! Usually they have thin straps and are made of a light material specifically designed for summer level heat. This way the chub rub isn’t as visible, and you can always wear shorts underneath it (like nike spandex).


These lace things 

    I have not personally tried them, but I have heard that these bandettes work WONDERS. They are big strips of lace that you cover right where your thighs touch to prevent chafing. They’re cute, don’t fall down, and are a great alternative to wearing the full length tights that will just trap in more heat.


Hair in a high pony with earrings

    Cute and keeps your hair off of your neck!! Just make sure to make it a tight pony so that its a ~cute~ ponytail instead of a sloppy gym one.




    This is how I got through being a camp counselor that was outside 6 hours of my 9 hour shift. They stay in place, look cute once you get the hang of it, and frame your face pretty nicely!!


Half up half down with a bun

    One of my favorite summer styles when its breezy enough to have some of your hair down, but still too hot to have it all down.



Good luck to all entering this (hopefully) warm season!!


Hi! I'm Rachel, a freshman intended nursing major at ECU! Am I the most elequent speaker? Not really. Do I have my life together at all times? Aboslutely not. But in my 18 years on this planet, I have figured out a couple things. Hopefully I can make your day a little bit brighter after reading my stuff! 
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