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Hallmark Set to Air New Holiday Films


This year everyone will be quickly exchanging their pumpkins for Christmas trees as Hallmark unveils their Hallmark holiday films this October. Since starting its “Countdown to Christmas” Hallmark has aired over 100  holiday films usually starting in November. This year over 20 new films are set to air. Grab your fuzzy socks and a mug of hot cocoa as we unveil five of the most anticipated films to be featured this season.


1. A SONG FOR CHRISTMAS: A pop star runs away from her tour bus to spend her holiday on a dairy farm where she bonds with a man she does not know. Knowing Hallmark we can assume this film with wrap up with a relationship.



2. CHRISTMAS IN THE AIR: A professional organizer falls for a man who is trying to re-organize his own life.



3. THE SWEETEST CHRISTMAS: A pastry chef has a shot at first place in the American Gingerbread Competition, or winning the heart of her high school sweetheart. Why not both?



4. MARRY ME AT CHRISTMAS: When the bridal boutique owner is organizing a wedding she finds herself falling for the bride’s brother.



5. ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS: An interior designer goes home to remodel a landmark hotel. While the mother is busy with remodeling her young daughter is introduced to the art of salsa dancing at a local dance studio. The owner of the studio turns out to be the mothers high school sweetheart and old salsa partner.



To view the full lineup, videos and other information visit Hallmark or download the movie lineup here.


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