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A Guide to Safely Drinking

Disclaimer: We at HerCampus ECU DO NOT encourage under age. 


First of all: It is 130% ok if you do not want to drink. No matter what situation you are in, you do not have to drink if you don’t want to.


That being said: this is college. It’s known for drinking.


It’s also known for really scary things associated with drinking like sexual assault, alcohol poisoning, and drunk driving crashes.


Therefore: Here are some tips on how to drink safely


Before you start drinking for the night: figure out how you are getting home

Who is driving, what car are they driving, are they driving everyone to one house, are they driving everyone to their separate homes, are you uber-ing, all of that. Drunk people trying to organize things are the actual worst, and NO one should be driving if they had had anything to drink.


Have a true meal beforehand

Not just some snacks, but have a meal with some protein, something that will keep you full. This will help you not feel like absolute trash in the morning, plus you won’t drunkenly spend way too much money on food.



Don’t underage drink

If you’re under 21 and are going downtown, do NOT try and drink at the bar. The bouncers will spot you, you’ll get a drinking ticket. Some people try and chug drinks in the bathroom, but they’ve started having bouncers in the bathrooms too to catch you. It’s just not worth the risk, plus it’s illegal!!

Don’t binge drink

Keep track of what and how much you drink!! Don’t let anyone besides people you trust make your drink and never leave it alone. If you have to go to the bathroom and don’t want to bring it in, put it down/throw it out and get a new one. Leaving drinks alone or accepting a drink from a stranger increases your chances of getting a laced drinks.

Seriously, don’t binge drink

Do. not. Drink. Too. much. That means different things to different people, but just know what you limit is and don’t push it. If you’re playing a drinking game, be careful because that’s how people get drunk really quickly. That doesn’t mean not playing, but you could just have water for a round or something!!


Please be careful this year, and have fun!!

Hi! I'm Rachel, a freshman intended nursing major at ECU! Am I the most elequent speaker? Not really. Do I have my life together at all times? Aboslutely not. But in my 18 years on this planet, I have figured out a couple things. Hopefully I can make your day a little bit brighter after reading my stuff! 
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