A Girlfriend's Guide to Fantasy Football

You know that feeling you get when Kate Spade has her annual fall sale?? Or when the newest season of Scandal premieres on TV? That feeling is the feeling that guys get when it comes to fantasy football. I know anyone who dates a fantasy football addict knows that it so often gets in the way of date night… So here are some words from an avid Fantasy Football user who knows it all too well, and hopefully can clear up some of the questions about your boyfriend’s latest addiction.

HC: What is Fantasy Football? What is the main point?

Fantasy Football is basically just a competition between friends. It allows us to pay attention to and root for teams that we never really would've bothered with and when a player on your team does well in real life it boosts your bragging rights and how well your fantasy team is doing.

HC: What is “The Draft?”

The draft is the most pivotal time of fantasy, it requires a lot research on the teams and individual players, and it is a season long commitment to players around the NFL.

HC: What influences your decision making when choosing your line up?

Defenses they are playing against, or whether or not they play against the team I root for. The toughest weeks are when you have a player playing the Panthers (which is the team I root for the most) that you want to do well, but not too well.

HC: What are the most important aspects of Fantasy Football?

The waiver wire (which is used to add new players), trades, and staying current. This is why it takes up so much of our time. Championships are built through the waiver wire.

HC: How is money involved?

Its normally a pot. Everyone in your league throws in $10-$20, sometimes more, and winner takes all. Sometimes second place gets their money back. The bigger the league, the more money you can win.

HC: How does it get so addicting?

Talking trash between all the guys in your league is mostly what keeps us all addicted. But establishing trades and watching every game becomes important, even when teams that aren't important to you at all suddenly become interesting.

HC: When are the days that it requires all of your attention?

It unfortunately requires our attention everyday… Because even the teams we don't care about might have players that affect our fantasy team.