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Finding “The One” as told by Disney Princesses

Most of us as young girls looked up to the Disney Princesses. Since most of the Disney Princess movies revolve around finding true love, they molded our expectations of what a relationship should be. Even though we’ve since realized that a lot of those expectations were unrealistic, such as being flown on a magic carpet or turning a beast into a handsome prince, there are some key elements to those relationships that we shouldn’t disregard. Mutual respect, trust, understanding, and love are what made the foundations for their relationships and what we should look for in ours. When you find “The One” you will truly feel like a Disney Princess. 


When he comes into your life out of nowhere


And you first lay eyes on him


When he picks you up for the first date and you’re feeling confident


But then your awkward self shines later on the date


But he thinks it’s cute


When you were nervous in the beginning but the first date went really well


When you’ve been dating a while and you realize you’re truly happy with him


Even though you have a fair dose of arguments


And sometimes you don’t understand his logic


But you always end up talking things through and you both apologize and make up


And sometimes when you’re just a little grumpy he’ll offer you food and that seems to do the trick


You love him because he never fails to open your eyes to new things


And because he always makes you feel like the best version of yourself


He supports you and all your dreams


You have the most fun when you’re together


Sometimes you truly feel like you would be lost without him


But you know he’ll always be there for you


And he’ll always take care of you


Even when he’s not around you can never get him off your mind


It all just feels so right


You are truly his #1 admirer


And you’re forever his princess




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