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Facing your Interview: The Ultimate Makeup Success

Hate to break it to you, but your favorite red lipstick that looked so good on date night won't necessarily get you your dream job. As a makeup artist, I've done plenty of interview makeup for clients. Here's my hard-fought words of wisdom, just for you.

The professional guru website Business Insider says this about interview makeup: "Smooth, even-toned, fresh-looking skin. Mascara. No heavy eyeliner, ideally none. Light lipstick." So lets put this into practice. Choose your skin tone and read up!

1. Light-toned skin (Shades 1-2)

Going with heavy foundations is a no-no - make sure it looks dewy and fresh. If your hair is blonde, use dark brown mascara (Estee Lauder Sumptuous Mascara in Brown, $27.50). If you have dark hair like me, go for black. Find a lipstick that's just a shade darker than your natural lip (Lancôme Color Design in Vintage Rose $23, or Clinique Long Last in Natural Beauty $17). Finish with some light peach blush and your favorite neutral eye look.

2. Medium Skin (Shades 3-4)

Wear a foundation that matches your skin - even if you like a lighter or darker look, you want to look seamless and natural. Swipe a matte bronzer around the sides of your face (Rimmel Natural Bronzer $4) and add a plum or raisin blush to your cheekbones (MAC blush in Raizin $17). Complete with black mascara and a medium nude lip (Estee Lauder Pure Color Shine in Fairest $30).

3. Dark Skin (Shades 5-6)

Get a dazzling glow with a little bit of highlighter (MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Global Glow $32). Brush it down your nose and cheekbones for a lit-from-within look. Find a classic nude or ruby lipstick (Clinique Different Lipstick in Plum Brandy $17 or Lancôme L'Absolut Rouge in Aubergine Velvet $30.50). Use a color-pop blush (Estee Lauder Poppy Passion $30) and a warm, gold eyeshadow accented with dark brown in the crease. 


Unfortunately, I can't see your face, so go get matched by a professional! Here's some last-minute tips before you go:

  • For all skin tones and types, invest in a nice foundation or BB cream - think Lancôme, Clinique or Bobbi Brown. While drugstore stuff is cheap, it tends to be noticeably reddish and dry.
  • Lighter-coverage foundation is better foundation when it comes to interviews! Don't use a heavy powder unless you have very oily skin, and avoid extreme highlighting and contouring. Some is fine, but you don't want a red-carpet look for a professional interview.
  • Eyeliner should be lightly applied and tightly ride the upper lash line.
  • Don't worry about the interview. You will do just fine, and you will look beautiful. A smile is your best accessory, so listen to a few confidence-boosting anthems and go for it!
Fitness enthusiast, MUA, foodie, wife, that weird girl from high school... My name is Emily Matthews and my writing has been featured in Ant vs. Whale, Rebel 58, Allegro Poetry, and - now - here. My adventure novel, Gravscend, can be found on Amazon for almost free. I've worked in makeup for 4 years as a travelling artist for Lancôme, but I hope to start a publishing company one day (or be a ninja).
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