Eight Reasons College Students Love Spring Break

1.) Warmer Weather

It is time to pull out your shorts and bathing suits from the back of your closet. Spring is coming and the temperature has begun to rise. This is a great time to be outdoors enjoying the weather.

2.) Classes are canceled

No lectures. No power points. No in-class discussions. No 8ams. Even though it is only for a week it feels nice to sleep in.

3.) Vacation

Whether it is a beach trip with your friends or a road trip with your family spring break gives college students time to go see some new sights. Even if you are on a budget take a day trip. 

4.) No more dining hall food (even for just a week)

Home cooked meals at last. If you go home for spring break your mom probably has some sweet and savory dishes ready for you. If you are off on an adventure take it as an opportunity to try some new foods. Wherever it is that you end up over break enjoy the time away from cafeteria-style food.

5.) Alone Time

School can be extremely hectic time. Living in a dorm is great, but it can be a busy place. My room is always full of people. Breaks are the perfect time to recharge and take some quiet time alone to just enjoy the peace.

6.) Free time = Netflix marathon

Netflix has been calling your name all semester, but pesky quizzes and overdue homework comes first. Now you can sit back , relax, and catch up on Grey’s Anatomy.

7.) New experiences

Take this opportunity to try something new. Maybe pick up a new instrument or try a yoga class at your local gym. Use this time to do something different from your normal day-to-day life.

8.) Its only five days

Because while you love having time off from school and stress you love your University and your friends. At the end of the day you will be happy to be reunited with your new home away from home.