Dorm Life Peeves

Don't get me wrong, I try to be a pretty positive person. Im at a great college in one of the nicest dorms on campus, I like my roommate, I could have it much worse. However, there are some things about living in a dorm that really grind my gears...


When you finally get up from your bed to go take a shower and someone is IN YOUR STALL


When you take the time to do your hair just to have it fall out on the walk over 


When someone comes up to you and asks....brace to do the laundry 


When you have to eat alone in the cafeteria because your friends are all in class 


When you see an upperclassmen walk by with their dog and it hits you that you haven't seen your dog in a month 


When you walk outside and it's raining but if you go back for your raincoat you'll be late to class so you're just standing outside the dorm deciding whether to be late and dry or on time and wet like 


When you go to brush your teeth and there is a giant hairball in the sink 


Dorms are great to get to know people and helps you learn how to live on your own, but good lord am I looking forward to moving out of the dorms next year!!