Delivery on Main Campus

So, you’ve been doing homework for hours and you don’t want to stop but you might actually pass out of you don’t get some food soon. What do you do? You order delivery!!! Don’t know what places deliver to main campus? Don’t worry bby, we got you:


Campus Calzone's

This place has just about any calzone you can think of! Plus, there's a calzone of the day everyday that they discount. On top of having fresh ingredients, it's such a big serving that having this for dinner at 6pm could keep you going until 3am the next morning. They also have fries, wings, desserts, and drinks! You order through their app and it will email you with when it will be delivered. Also, if you know you're going to be hungry in a couple hours, you can go ahead and order early and designate when you want your calzone delivered!! 


For when your group project has gone on for 3 hours and you're still not done and everyone is getting snappy!! They have a deal for 2 medium 1 topping pizzas for about 20, if you have 4 people in the group that's 5 bucks a person. Super efficient and moral boosting!! Nothing brings people together more than pizza!!

Jimmy johns

There's two of these in Greenville, so make sure to order from the one that is closest to you!! I always like Jimmy Johns sandwiches because they are so filling, plus their chips are hella good. They always have fresh ingredients and their bread is heavy but very good!!! 


Wings Over

They have boneless wings, normal wings, ribs, sandwiches, wraps, and curly fries along with other yummy sides!!!

China King

A great Chinese restaurant with hibachi plates, chicken/beef and rice plates, just about everything you can think of. Your subtotal does have to be 15.00 for delivery, but it will be soooo worth it when your chicken hibachi shows up at your door!


This is not one place, but actually a delivery company that will get any food you want and bring it to you! Want some cookout or Wendy's? They got you. There will be a delivery charge on top of paying for your food, but that's just like any other delivery service. 


Make sure to always tip your delivery personnel!! Most time's they only make what they get in tips!!