College Told by Wednesday Addams

To celebrate the upcoming holiday, why don't we take a look at college and life through the eyes of the very relatable Wednesday Addams.


When you see young tour groups walking around campus.


When people around you are venting to you and complaining about their life problems but you really couldn't care less than you do in that moment.


When you are walking across campus and you see a girl with a mask of makeup on to hide her real face from the world.


When someone is insulting the way you choose to dress, even when you have failed everything, lost your dignity, pride and everything else that matters. You are dead inside. 


The day your professor tells the class not to procrastinate on your readings or assignments or you won't succeed in their class.


People have started talking about Halloween coming up and you are asked what you're dressing up as. Little do they know, school, work, and adulting have wiped you out economically and emotionally so you are making it simple this year.


When a family member asks that infamous question: "Are you seeing anyone?"


When you find out your friend's boy isn't exactly what you would call loyal.


When you are downtown with your girls and a guy comes up to you when you obviously don't want to be bothered.


When you and your roommate are judged for never wanting to go out, causing everyone to think you're shy. In reality, you just really are not fans of other people so you stay in with Netflix.


When you are trying to remember that you are fortunate to be able to attend school so you smile through the pain.