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Campus Cutie: Meet Jessie Justus

Name: Jessie Justus

Hometown: Highpoint, North Carolina

Year: Junior

Major: Business management and marketing


HC: Are you involved in anything at ECU? What’s your favorite part about involvement?  


Jessie: I hold an executive position as the Director of Public Relations in the Financial Management Association.  We do trips to New York and DC every year. I’ve gotten to walk through the floor of the New York stock exchange, which was amazing.  The networking is also great, I always learn so much from talking to everyone who comes through ECU and presents to us.


HC: What’s your favorite memory at ECU?


Jessie: My freshman year I was at a tailgate in the carwash (when that was still a thing) and they were playing the song “Don’t Fear the Reaper” and I just remember looking around and saying to myself how much I loved this place and how I never want to leave.  I can’t believe that was 3 years ago.


HC: What do you want to do when you grow up?


Jessie: I’d love to own my own business.  That’s the goal eventually.  I hope to get into management and marketing and gain as much experience as I possibly can.  All I know for sure is I would love to live out of state in a big city, but for a small town girl that’s a huge step.  If that doesn’t work out, working in Raleigh and Charlotte would be ideal.

New Jersey raised, North Carolina crazed Oh, and I like Chipotle
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