Binge Worthy Shows to Keep you Going During Finals

Finals are right around the corner. AHHHH. I repeat finals are around the corner. The thought is terrifying. During finals week, I love to take a break with a good binge worthy shows.  Every finals week I usually find a new show to get attached to, and use it as a distraction from all the stress of exams and papers. I have listed my top picks. No spoilers I promise.  Let’s get watching.   


Stranger Things ~Creepy. Dramatic. Monsters. Cliff hangers. Stranger things is one of my all time favorite shows. Set in the 80’s this thriller is a must watch. I have seen season one and two twice through. I found it over Thanksgiving break, but I refused to watch it again until Christmas break. There is not enough will power in the world for me not to click next episode on this series. The characters are so easy to adore. I have the biggest crush on Steve Harrington, and that hair. I found myself developing deep parasocial relationships with all of the characters. At the end of the series I felt like it was my little brother and sister being attacked by the mind flare. 

Parks and Rec ~Funny. Loveable characters. Relatable stories. Parks and Rec is a lighthearted series that will surly put you in a great mood. The episodes are stand alone. I can watch a quick twenty-minute show and then go back to studying. 

Greys Anatomy ~Ever dreamed of becoming a doctor or nurse. This lovable TV series will give you an insight into the lives of those in the medical field. After a couple episodes, you will be so attached to the characters.

Friends ~My Mom was confused when I told her I am watching Friends. Okay, yes this show is from the 90s, but anyone who has seen will tell you it is worth a watch. Rachel. Monica. Chandler. Ross. Joey. Phoebe. I feel in love with all the characters and their quirks. The show is so memorable many of my pals will quote it regularly. Just wait until you see the episode wear Ross needs to move his furniture. I can’t read the word pivot without hearing the voice of Ross.

 Shameless~ The crazy life of the Gallagher’s is enough to keep anyone entertained. Sex scandals, drugs, and insanity surround this TV shows. Honestly, each time I watch it I am reminded why I should stay in school. As trashy as this show is I can’t stop watching it. Just wait you will get addicted too.

How to Get Away With Murder ~This show surrounds law students and a murder they just can’t hide. It is truly addictive. Take my word for it. Just don’t get any ideas.

Lost ~What would you do if you were stranded on an island with thirty other survivors. With an intriguing storyline and captivating plot twists this series will keep you distracted during those late night stress sessions. A doctor, a convict, a millionaire are just a few of the individuals strangled on the island. You will have to watch to find out why.

Walking Dead ~Undead zombies, epic fights, and juicy love triangles what could be better than that. After the first episode, I was hooked. An apocalyptic universe overrun by ‘walkers’ making survival no cakewalk. But through the leadership of Rick, the sheriff in town, a few have a chance to survive. Follow this intense tale of dystopia America and you will not be disappointed. Though they may move slow I wouldn't’t get close to any of the so-called walkers.

Gossip Girl~Hello upper east siders welcome to Manhattan. Ever wanted to know what it would be part of Manhattan’s elite? The show follows a couple teenagers attending a high-end prep school. Drama is around every corner. What I love the most I about this series is the costumes and the glimpses of New York City. Each forty-five-minute episode is filled with glamourous clothing and scandalous love affairs. New York City is enticed me and I love seeing bits and pieces of it. I briefly visited the big apple for my eighteenth birthday. Watching it reminds me of the whirlwind of a trip I took several years ago.

 Supernatural ~Two gorgeous brothers, Sam and Dean, are secretly also monster slayers. They travel around the country looking to kill off the supernatural.  Hidden layers of mystery this thriller will keep you interested, and the boys are not bad eye candy either. They explain the unexplainable through myths and legends of creatures I sure hope are not real. Though I would not suggest watching this show alone. Get a group of friends together on a night off , pop some kettle corn popcorn, and get spooked together.


Hope you have an amazing finals week. Study hard. Get enough sleep. Enjoy yourself by taking study breaks for all these amazing shows.