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The Best Throwback Halloween Movies

“This is Halloween, This is halloween.” Fall is back finally and halloween is coming, ECU’s favorite time of year. Hoist the colors and let the riots begin (just kidding). The halloween costumes stores have opened on Greenville Blvd across from the mall and also on Evans St. So the physical preparation can officially begin. The mental preparation is the most important part though starting with Pumpkin Spice Latte’s and ending with the perfect throw back halloween movie marathon.

The Nightmare Before Christmas: 23 Years Ago

Tim Burtons masterpiece never seems to get old and the Pumpkin King could make for a great drinking game, take a sip every time the word Halloween is said. I think we would all be joining him in the grave before the first song is over.

Hocus Pocus: 23 Years Ago

I think we’ve all got a little bit of the Sanderson Sisters in us. Especially as college students.

Halloweentown: 18 Years Ago

Nothing better than a Disney classic, not to mention that you can actually visit the town where it was filmed now. St. Helen, Oregon recreates the set every year for Halloween.

The Haunted Mansion: 13 Years Ago

Eddy Murphy’s creepy adventure never seems to get old. Even though as a kid it used to scare the crap out of me, I definitely wouldn’t consider this season complete without watching it at least once.

Casper: 21 Years Ago

I think everyone from our generation has a soft spot for the friendly ghost and Christina Ricci.

The Little Vampire: 16 Years Ago

So under appreciated but such a classic Halloween movie complete with Vampire Cows and Vampire Hunters.

Twitches: 11 Years Ago

Morphing Halloween with Sister Sister creates one big epic throw back. 


Do you feel old yet?? Maybe grey hair and curlers might be the best halloween costume for us this year…

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