Being Prepared for a Phone Interview

I got an email and a phone call last week. YES! I got the interview. Phew! Applying for internships is a stressful process. I need experience in my major and I don't want to be a couch potato this summer. Getting a summer job or internship is challenging, and so is knowing what to do in a phone interview.  I had never done a phone interview before, but I was hoping for the best. It went surprisingly better than I could have expected. Here are a few tips to keep in mind if you have any.

Be mentally prepared while waiting for them to call. It is really tempting to watch a YouTube video or scroll through my Instagram while I am waiting for the call. But it's important to stay focused and be ready for whenever they call. It may be a few minutes after the allotted time. While your waiting practice talking out loud to get a feeling of how your voice will sound.  Have your phone fully charged. That would be terrible if in the middle of my interview my phone lost charge. As long as your bring a charger and sit next to an outlet you are fine. I just like to move around while I talk sometimes so I like to have a chord free space.  Practice smiling as if the interviewer is present. It sounds weird, but I force myself to smile so I would sound happier. While I answer question I smile as if I were in an in person interview.  Be in a quiet place you cannot be interrupted. I went to a study room in the library, and I can not think of a better place to do a phone interview. I knew I couldn't sit in first floor of the library because I didn't want to risk the chance of someone coming up to talk to me. Pick a place where you know no one will disturb you. If you have to do it in your dorm room let your roommate know when your interview is so she can leave the room.  Eliminate distractions. My room is full of bright colors and flowers. I couldn't go to my room because there are so many things and distractions around me. Instead I went to a room where there are blank white walls and absolutely NO distractions. I get side tracked very easily so this is really important.  Don't go outside. There is always a risk to answer the call outside. The wind and other outdoor noises make it hard for the interviewer to hear everything you are saying.  Write down some of objectives you think they may ask and keep it in front of you. I wrote down my strengths and weaknesses and had it sitting in front of me. This is a good thing about having a phone interview. I can have any document in front of me to look at. It made me feel as ease that I could look at a reference really quick if I needed it.  Wear something that makes your feel comfortable. You don't have to dress up like a normal interview. I wear something comfy that I feel confident in. This time my attire included yoga pants and a relaxed sweatshirt.  Sit up straight. Your voice actually changes when you are slumped over. Notice your posture. Sitting up straight will also help you stay focused while they are asking questions. Be yourself. At the end of it, have fun. Be honest about yourself. It's okay if you don't say everything just right. They will love you. Wish you all the best of luck finding jobs and internships for the summer.