A Beginners Guide to Essential Oils- Part 1

Ok so we have established that they do in fact work, now how the heck do you use them? There are a couple different ways:



These are usually globe looking things that put out steam. You fill them with water, put a couple drops (3-5) of water oil you want in them, and then it diffuses the oil into the air. These are great because 1-they make your room smell really good and 2- the slight noise they make can sometimes be really relaxing. Plus, some of them light up or change colors!! If you’re looking for overall comfort instead of targeting a certain area of the body, I would reccommend a diffuser.




If you are in public or want to target a specific body area, then a roll on would be a great choice for you!! They are like roll on perfumes, but are essential oils mixed with some water in order to not irritate the skin. Some examples of this could be lavendar on your shoulders to help you relax before a test, peppermint or ginger roll ons for sore muscles, or chamomyle on your temples for migraines.


What NOT to do

Do not put strait essential oils directly onto your skin!! Especially if you have sensitive skin!! Some oils can be irritants if they are not watered down, or you might have an allergy to something that you don’t know about. There have been stories of people having permanent scars from chemical burns they got from essential oils. If you want to test it, out a drop onto a small area of skin and watch it for about 10 minutes. If it stings or gets red and irritated, I really would not reccommend using it directly onto your skin!!