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Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe Came to Speak and it was as Amazing as it Sounds

Kaitlyn Bristowe, the girl whose heart was broken on national television on season 19 of the Bachelor, and was restored by her now fiancé from her season of the Bachelorette, came to speak at ECU. She gave all of us insight into her current life (she’s just like us, you guys), and what life was like for her as the Bachelorette and some of the repercussions that came with it. I never thought I’d be able to see a star from my favorite reality TV show in person. But now that I have, I can happily say it surpassed all expectations! 



Where else can I start except with her life before the Bachelor. Well, first off, she told us she used to be a cheerleader for the CFL (the Canadian NFL). She also began dating a hockey player, but clearly it didn’t work out and everything happens for a reason. And get this…when she originally had applied for the Bachelor she was supposed to be on Juan Pablo’s season. JUAN PABLO! Can anyone imagine what that season would’ve been like with Kaitlyn on it?



When Kaitlyn didn’t hear back from the producers, she thought her chance was over. But almost exactly a year later, she got a call and they wanted to know if she was still single. She told us that she had been seeing a guy at the time that she went on a few dates with, and once she got that call she called it quits immediately and added that she wasn’t that into him anyway.


And now ladies, we move on to her life during the Bachelorette.


When she was asked when she knew Shawn B. was the one, she didn’t hesitate when giving her answer: the first night. Kaitlyn told us that ever since she first laid eyes on him, she knew he was husband material. However, since the Bachelorette IS a TV show made for entertainment, the producers would try to convince her that other guys would be a better fit for her so that she would show interest in other men other than Shawn. Wait what? Someone better for Kaitlyn than Shawn? I think we can all agree on this…NO WAY!  



She also shared some memories from what the process on the Bachelorette was really like. She said that when you are a contestant, you aren’t allowed to have your phone, watch TV, have Internet, or even read books! This is so it makes people get in their heads and makes the show a little more interesting. She said as the lead you’re allowed to watch some TV but that’s it.


Kaitlyn also told us (and I’m so glad she did) that she would actually try to sneak notes to Shawn during filming! She said that every interaction you have is caught on camera and that you aren’t allowed to really ask normal every day questions (her example was not being allowed to ask Shawn what his favorite Ninja Turtle was…but she clarified that she did eventually find out which one it was later). The producers want you to focus mainly on talking about marriage, which makes sense if you know the show. But that didn’t stop our Kaitlyn! She hilariously told us about how one time she tried to sneak a note in her boot to give to Shawn, but when she pulled it out he was like “Is that a NOTE?” and the producers, obviously, ended up confiscating it.



Well, we all know how Kaitlyn’s season ended. Poor Nick Viall became a runner-up yet again, but Shawn B. got the woman of his dreams. Even though Kaitlyn shared with us that sometimes she got in her own head and was really scared that he was going to have girls falling all over him after the show and forget about her, her and Shawn are now living a great life together. She (happily) was proven wrong, and now we just can’t wait to hear those wedding bells! (Even though she did say that she doesn’t think they’ll have it on TV, we have to give them some privacy)



After the Bachelorette aired, however, Kaitlyn went through a really tough time. She talked to us about the effects of cyber bullying. Kaitlyn (as we all know) is a very strong woman, and she said that even so, some of those comments used to really get to her. She also shared that this makes her worried for younger girls who are more fragile than her, and how that can really affect them. She hopes to be an inspiration to other girls that have gone, or are going through, a similar situation.


To end on a happy note though, she is very happy with where she is in life now and we’re glad to hear it! She told us that she wouldn’t change anything about her story except maybe a few of her outfit decisions (which she described as “not OK”) while on the Bachelorette. She also truly feels like she has found her calling in podcasting. (For those of you who don’t know, look up Off the Vine with Kaitlyn Bristowe) She is as quirky and genuine as I believed her to be while watching her on TV. She is EXTREMELY down to Earth. Just to give you an idea, she willingly rapped us a song about growing up in the 90’s that she wrote herself! As if this girl doesn’t get any more talented. And to my, and probably everyone else’s delight, she tried to FaceTime Shawn so we could all say hi. Even though he didn’t pick up, she still had us send a Snapchat to him. 


I wish nothing but the best for her and Shawn B.! I’m so thankful she came to ECU and shared her story with us. Definitely an inspiring night!  

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