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Another year, Another iPhone

Yes guys, as we all have grown accustomed to, we are now officially in iPhone release season. On September 15, people everywhere will be able to start pre-ordering their new iPhones. Now, as a person who doesn’t keep up with technology, I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m super excited, because I’m really not. I am doing perfectly fine with my iPhone 6s. But, for those who are, I hope all of your heart’s desires come true with these cool new gadgets Apple is presenting to us.

I went on the Apple website to view the new phones for myself and let me tell you, the web page itself already has me sold. It’s so sleek, modern, and I’m definitely intrigued to see if the iPhone 8 revolutionizes our lives just like the switch between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6s. The claim is that this phone is made of durable glass and will be resistant to both dust and water. If you have had any smartphone, you know that when your phone falls, you need to pray that your screen hasn’t shattered into a million pieces.

The next revolutionary feature is wireless charging. Imagine not having to untangle your charger or constantly replace them because it broke AGAIN. Apple is selling us wireless charging not only for our phone, but also for other Apple devices, such as our Apple watch. No more fighting your friend for their charger when you forgot yours because that same mat fits more than one phone. I guess the only downside is having to carry your charging mat everywhere. But hey, soon enough, I’m sure many places are going to start offering these charging mats. Look at the all the phone charging stations that have popped up everywhere in the last couple of years. The world can’t run without cellular battery. The iPhone 8 will be available very soon, on September 22!

Now, the iPhone X. Just wow. If you can overlook the hefty price tag it currently holds, you can admire the beauty that this phone brings to the game. Apple markets it as a phone that’s all screen, the first iPhone to have an OLED screen, which is supposed to display everything we see like, super bright and beautiful, and just like the iPhone 8, it’s supposed to be very durable. Once again, it’s supposed to be water and dust resistant, made out of “the most durable glass ever” as well as stainless steel. Oh, and wireless charging also. Let’s not forget that Apple claims the iPhone X will give you 2 hours more of battery life, compared to the iPhone 7.

Just like Touch ID blew our mind when the iPhone 5s released, the iPhone X brings us Face ID, a way to unlock our phones with our lovely faces.Portrait mode, a feature that was introduced to us in the iPhone 7, is supposed to be even better, and of course, with all new iPhones come better cameras. Animoji is this new feature that analyzes your muscle movement and translates it into an “emoji”; there is 12 different animals to choose from. 

So yeah, Apple is definitely trying to be the ultimate game changers this year with their new phones. You have to wait a tad bit longer for the iPhone X to release though. You can begin pre-ordering it on October 27th but it will be available after November 3rd. Can’t wait to see whether Apple actually brings us a phone that doesn’t crack and break terribly! 


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