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9 Reasons The Bold Type Should be Renewed


   Imagine Sex and the City meets the Devil Wears Prada and you have drifted into the world of The Bold Type. Based off the women of Cosmopolitan Magazine, the show airs relationships, drama and sex while weaving in stories about self-expression, politics, equality, sexuality, religion and freedom. 

   It brings to light the bold women and men that make the ever growing world of journalism and sheds lights on the bold moves they have to take to be a player in the field. Here are nine reasons why we need more of The Bold Type in our life.



1. Immigration


   Immigration is a fear for many and recently that fear has been heightened. Instead of dealing with a pesky ex, this relationship has to take on the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (or ICE).

   In “Before Tequila Sunrise” Adena books a one way ticket from Paris to New York to be with her beloved Kat (aw, Kadena love). The one way ticket deal stirs up Immigration and they send her packing for her home country within a day.

   The show gives the raw reality of immigration issues that many shows tiptoe around. Claps for The Bold Type for keeping it real with us.

2. Equality

   Feminism, Feminism, and Feminism. The women of The Bold Type are over equality issues. No one is going to stop them from stripping off their shirts in Central Park, or from writing a riveting story about whatever their hearts fancy. We need to see more of what The Bold Type is going to do in terms of equality.

3. Friendship

   The show zones in on three women: Jane Sloan (Katie Stevens), a journalist who wants to “write about things bigger” and is looking for real love (forever shipping her and Pinstripe guy); Kat Edison (Aisha Dee), social media director of Scarlett and hardcore crushing on Adena (aw, Kadena love); and Sutton Brady (Meghann Fahy), fashion guru/assistant with a love for the finer things in life (aka Richard).

   These three women’s friendship is seemingly similar to the women of Sex and the City.  They balance witty humor while openly speaking about sex, equality, sexual orientation and other topics and constantly support one another in every episode.

4.Raw Reality

   Nothing is danced around in this show. We are addressed with raw reality. We find that Jacqueline is not some “scary editor in chief” as past films like the Devil Wears Prada have portrayed the editor in chief. Instead she is a mentor for her staff, and one hell of a good one at that.

   This show touches on sexual orientation, immigration, relationships, layoffs, sex, cancer, and rape. These matters are not glazed over for entertainment purposes, but fully exposed and discussed.Having a show discuss these matters is moving, inspiring, and bold.

5. Sex

   By the first episodes we are already learning about exotic sex positions, articles on “Mount Up and Ride: From Side Saddle to Bareback, We’ve Got Positions Guaranteed to Make You Yee-haw” and the word punani.

   The Bold Type gushes out all sexual relationships from Richard and Sutton to Jane and Pinstripe guy and even Kat and Adena. It’s the 21st century though, so let’s accept the fact that it’s high time for everyone to be able to own their sexuality.

6. Sexual Orientation

  Not only does the show feature a same sex relationship,but the relationship is between women of different ethnicities and religions. The fight for equality still is not over and neither is our love for Kadena. Kadena will always and forever be shipped.

7. Fashion

   But really, must I say more? The women and men of The Bold Type are literal fashion goals. Personally, Sutton’s outfits are to die for. Then again, Sutton is a fashion guru. Also, can we discuss the fashion closet? That closet probably holds over 200 designer fashion pieces. I haven’t seen this much gorgeous fashion since Gossip Girl and Sex and the City.

8. Journalism

   This show gives a fresh insight into the modern career of journalism and the amount of work and commitment it takes to make a name for yourself. The Bold Type also digs into a fashion magazine. Many magazines of this type usually get looked down on in some aspects, such as when Jane tried to write a political story. The Bold Type not only smashes the patriarchy, but smashes stereotypes that come with fashion magazines.

9. And well…

   I strongly believe that Freeform is ready for this next step on renewing The Bold Type. It’s fresh, it’s new and it is bold for Freeform. It’s not time for us to tell the women of Scarlet goodbye, so don’t make us have to.






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